Ascent to Pico del Ocejón from Valverde de los Arroyos

One of the mythical peaks of the Sierra de Ayllón is next to Pico del Lobo the Pico del Ocejón, the emblematic peak of the Black Architecture villages. With their 2,049m high It is visible in much of the province of Guadalajara and serves as a postcard fund for towns such as Majaelrayo or Valverde de los Arroyos.

Ascent to Pico del Ocejón

Departing from Valverde de los Arroyos

We start from the parking lot that is located on top of Valverde de los Arroyos. From there you take a path that crosses this picturesque village to begin the climb to the Pico del Ocejón.

Valverde de los Arroyos
Pico del Ocejón

During this part of the crossing the Pico del Ocejón must always be left. Between the path and the peak you will see a small ravine and a stream, which comes from a waterfall. After about 20 min you can see in the background the spectacular Despeñalagua waterfall, one of the most beautiful of Guadalajara next to the one of the Aljibe.

Despeñalagua waterfall

On the climb it is not possible to approach the waterfall, since it is out of the way and away from the path, but it is possible to access it once on the descent deviating shortly before reaching Valverde de los Arroyos.

Pico del Ocejón
Pico del Ocejón

Left behind the waterfall, the stream of the chorrera is crossed to go to the Ocejón skirt and leave behind Ocejoncillo. It is at this time when the ascent is undertaken by a long meadow, snowed in winter and very green in summer.

Final ascension

The stretch of the final ascent, already in the skirt, can be made a little long and part of it is usual to find hiking groups coming down from the top of the Ocejón. The aspect is like a large meadow, surrounded by the Pico del Ocejón on the left and on the right by a series of peaks that overlook the town of Majaelrayo.

Pico del Ocejón
Pico del Ocejón

This area is full of shrubbery and in the middle of all of them there are several narrow paths that lead to the top of Pico del Ocejón. It has no loss, since at this point the top is very visible.

At the end of this section, turn left and start to change the terrain to make way for large rocks below the level. Here you have to be careful, since you can meet ice plates and the odd hole.

In winter in this area of ​​the mountains it usually has a lot of snow, so do not forget to climb the crampons and the ice ax. The final part of the climb is much more vertical and the part of the final rope can get a bit of vertigo.

Pico del Ocejón
Pico del Ocejón

Once at the top the views are spectacular, since there are several of the Black Architecture villages and much of Guadalajara.

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Practical data

How to get?

You can take the A-2 from Madrid and then take the detour at Km 51 towards the N-230 towards Humanes. Arriving in Humanes, you have to go around it to take the CM-101 towards Cogolludo, the starting point of the route.

Where to sleep?

In the area there are many rural houses and everything depends on what area you want to sleep. Personally, the area of ​​Campillo de las Ranas and Majaelrayo is the one we like the most, since the villages are closer to each other and the most beautiful, without a doubt.

  • Casa Rura Spa El Huerto del Abuelo. With Spa, modern rooms and even terrace in summer
  • Rural apartments La Plaza, in Majaelrayo. Individual apartments next to the Ocejón
  • The Black Bird, in Majaelrayo. A cottage of WOW! You just have to see the photos

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