La Mota Castle in Medina del Campo

La Mota Castle is located in the Valladolid town of Medina of the Field, 60 kilometers fromValladolid and about 150 kilometers from the capital. A castle that has passed through a multitude of hands and like many others has served as a residence, a defensive fortress, a prison, and finally as a museum and chapel.

La Mota Castle in Medina del Campo

La Mota Castle

On a Saturday like any other Fall, with no plans on the agenda, we decided to go to Medina del Campo to visit the la mota castle. A castle that I had seen countless times when I traveled north taking the A-6, since at the height of Medina it is visible from the highway attracting a lot of attention.

La Mota Castle in Medina del Campo

Once in Medina of the Field We followed the indications that marked the castle until we found a parking lot after crossing the entrance door to the monument. There were 8 or 9 cars on that day and you didn't see many people on the outside. Our idea was to visit it for free and if it had been possible, visit it through a theatrical visit. However, these cannot be done unless you come on very specific dates, subject to reservation and subsequently paying the small amount of 6€.

La Mota Castle in Medina del Campo

For free you do not have to pay anything and it gives you access to the courtyard, chapel and room of Juan de la Cosa. Knowing this we headed towards the entrance of the castle presided over by a wooden bridge that saves a deep moat that today has no water.

La Mota Castle in Medina del Campo

The castle was quiet, without visitors, something we love and that helps to take pictures without any burden. It also helps you imagine one of the most famous passages of the castle of La Mota as the escape from Cesar Borgia after picking up some ropes from the top of the tower of tribute.

La Mota Castle in Medina del Campo

Imaginations aside, we went to the courtyard, completely rebuilt and looking much more modern. From there you have access to the chapel and the roomJuan of the Thing where the history of the castle is told through images and a series of videos.

La Mota Castle in Medina del Campo

Seen the interior and given that we could not climb that day to the tribute tower, we decided to go outside and take a walk around the castle. For this there is a correctly marked path that borders its pit.

La Mota Castle in Medina del Campo

The pit that is dry today is probably always like that. The explanation lies in its actual use, that of protecting the base of the castle from artillery, so there should not be much water.

La Mota Castle in Medina del Campo

With this we ended our quick visit of just an hour and a half. Enough time to go to the center of Medina del Campo to go for tapas and if necessary, buy the odd souvenir.

Practical data

How much does it cost to visit the castle of La Mota?

Your visit is free except for key places like the tribute tower that can only be visited with a guide or with theatrical visits. The latter has a cost of 6€.

What schedule do you have?

From Monday to Saturday until approximately 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. and Sundays until 2:00 p.m. It always closes from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Do we have to book?

Only for guided or theatrical visits. The latter have specific dates that we can see on the website of the castle.

Where to sleep in Medina del Campo?

We leave several options within the city.

  • Reina Isabel Hotel: located across the Zapardiel River and 5 minutes from downtown.
  • Hotel Villa de Ferias: outside the villa and with a good value for money.

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