The fort Borj El Kebir. Spaniards on Djerba Island

In the tourist Djerba Island there is a place where more than 500 years ago spanish soldiers They got a strong defeat. This place is the fort Borj El Kebir, located north of the island. If this attempted invasion had been achieved, the current history of Tunisia it would be remarkably different and instead of having a strong French accent, Spanish would have been spoken.

The fort Borj El Kebir. Djerba Island

The fort Borj El Kebir

To start a little history

The fortress was built in the 13th century by the king of Sicily. Years later, after the Italian island was transferred to the Spanish empire, it automatically obtained possession of Bork El Kebir in the Djerba Island. Years later, the ottoman empire He pushed hard, reaching the island and expelling the Spaniards after a bloody battle. The Ottomans with thoughts on modern art, cut off the heads of all the Spanish soldiers who fell in battle, building a tower with more than 5000 skulls. The latter is not known if it was real or not, but what is said is that the tower was demolished in the mid-nineteenth century.

Djerba Island

Nowadays the Djerba Island It has become a major tourist attraction for Tunisia, especially looking for beach tourists and resorts all included. In addition the island is famous for its pottery, finding numerous places where it is manufactured.

Djerba Island

We can access the island by plane, ship or road, since it is very close to the continent and at one of its ends a long bridge has been built. Curiously, many tourists arrive fromTozeur and for them the fastest would be to ride the vehicle on a ferry, but nothing could be further from the truth. The big traffic jams force you to take the bridge driving one more hour, but arriving earlier on the island.

Houmt Souk

Finally, the Djerba Island It has become a refuge for Libyan wealthy fleeing from the current situation in their country.

The fort Borj El Kebir

The fort of Borj El Kebir It is located in the north of the island, specifically in the city of Houmt Souk, capital of Djerba. You can reach the walk from the port of the city or from the same souk, but this first will force us to go through a somewhat neglected area, as shown in the photo below.

The fort Borj El Kebir. Djerba Island

Before entering it, we surrounded it almost completely and from where we could take the best snapshots of Borj El Kebir.

The fort Borj El Kebir. Djerba Island

It has a single entrance, located in its eastern part, where we will be charged around 7 dinars per person plus a supplement for carrying a camera.

The fort Borj El Kebir

Upon entering we are shocked to find remains of statues of Roman origin, but we must not forget that the first to settle in the Djerba Island it was precisely they, long before the Sicilians, Spaniards or Ottomans.

The fort Borj El Kebir. Djerba Island

After the defeat and expulsion of the Spaniards, the ottomans They reformed the fort, building buildings more in line with their culture, such as the vaulted dwellings in the lower photograph.

The fort Borj El Kebir. Djerba Island

We can initially tour the fort through its lower part, passing through a small museum of the place with numerous shields of Spanish court.

The fort Borj El Kebir. Djerba Island

Subsequently the ideal is to climb to the top of Borj El Kebir and enjoy the views, both of the new amphitheater, the port of Houmt Souk and a sand peninsula located at the north end of the Djerba Island. With just over an hour it was enough for us to visit the fort and feel a bit of a morriña of our origins.

Practical data - Fort Borj El Kebir on the island of Djerba

When to go to the fortification of Borj El Kebir?

The high season covers the months of June to August and Easter. Summer is very hot and the rest of the months it is very good during the day and cold at night.

Since 2010 there is little tourism and it has been concentrated in summer. TheArab Spring It has frightened tourists and now little by little the country begins to regain its splendor. Is now the best time to visit it? The answer is yes.

The mid schedule September at the end of March It is from 09:00 to 16:30, and the rest of the months from 08:00 to 19:00.

How to go to the island of Djerba?

Several are the best ways to reach the fort. One of them is walking from the souk of Houmt Souk. It takes around 15 minutes. The rest of the options include renting a car from the hotel where you stay at the Djerba Island or get on a cab, which may be the most economical option.

The taxis they can't leave the island and they have fixed rates with meter. They are quite cheap.

Today they do not exist direct flights between Spain and Djerba Island (2014/2015).

Where to stay on Djerba Island?

  • Sindbad Hotel. A nice hotel located in the center of the city.
  • Djerba Erriadh Hotel. Very close to the aforementioned and personally very similar.

How much does it cost to enter the fort Borj El Kebir?

The price per person is 7 Dinars and 1 dinar more if you take pictures.

Is it safe to visit / travel to Tunisia?

We have not seen any problem in this regard and the country is quite calm. Perhaps we are shocked that there are barbed wire fences in one of its squares, but this is because the government does not want potential protesters to camp in their squares.

I advise you to read our post on Security in Tunisia.

Other amazing places in Tunisia

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  • Chebika Oasis

More information

Tunisian Tourist Office

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