Glymur, the highest waterfall in Iceland until 2007 ...

As the title of this article says, the waterfall of Glymur It was the highest waterfall in Iceland until Morsárfoss (2007) was found, a 227 meter waterfall located in a remote area of ​​the Vatnajökull National Park. Despite losing such privilege, the Glymur waterfall is located near Reykjavik and has a good hiking route that we can do in one morning.

Glymur, the highest waterfall in Iceland until several years ago

We are facing a rainy day like many others in a month of June in Iceland. To be exact it was our penultimate day in the country and we wanted to say goodbye by doing a hiking trail not far from Reykjavik, since we would spend the night in a city hostel.

Glymur was a good choice, although if we compare it with the rest ofIceland waterfalls Not that it was the most spectacular. However, being one of the highest it was worth a visit and incidentally spend a little bit already worn boots.

Glymur, which was the tallest waterfall in Iceland

The beginning of the route to the Glymur waterfall started at the end of a dirt track that left just at the end of the hvalf fjord. The very well marked track ended in a parking lot where about 30 vehicles can enter. From there a well marked path would lead us to Glymur.

Glymur, which was the tallest waterfall in Iceland

Initially the path is downhill until we reach a cave that will help us get around a rocky passage and where we could shelter from the prevailing rain. After 15 minutes we resumed the road and reached a point where we had to cross a fairly grown river and where only a Steel cable It will prevent us from falling into the water.

Glymur, which was the tallest waterfall in Iceland

From this point we will begin to see in the distance the Glymur waterfall. That was the good part because the bad had only just begun. Strong, very slippery climbs, emphasized by the rain that began to fall again, blocked our rapid rise. In many places the unevenness was such that additional steel cables had been placed.

Glymur, which was the tallest waterfall in Iceland

We crossed a stream that led to the river below and it was also runaway. In fact it formed a small queue of walkers since there were not many steps to cross it. Despite this setback, the bad one was over and the Glymur waterfall was at our fingertips.

Glymur, which was the tallest waterfall in Iceland

Only 800 meters separated us from it to the main viewpoint. A point where you should be careful because there are no major security measures. In addition the views are not too spectacular because Glymur It is too locked inside the canyon.

Glymur, which was the tallest waterfall in Iceland

As waterfalls were almost up to the hat in Iceland and we had already seen great wonders, the Glymur waterfall was somewhat disappointing. Something that we could have personally skipped if we had known before.

Glymur, which was the tallest waterfall in Iceland

This is what happens when going on an adventure and not paying much attention to travel guides and other blogs.

Practical data

When to make the route to Glymur?

The route can be done almost all year but if there are signs of snow I personally would advise against it since ice sheets can be formed on the more inclined ramps.

Is it worth it Glymur?

I think not if you have already overdosed on waterfalls. Glymur has nothing special.

How to get to Glymur

There is no public transport to arrive so if you do not want to hire a tour, the option is the rental car. The main means of transport in the country if we want to see the most remote sites.

What to wear

There are no shops or restaurants. The ideal is to take our own food because it will be necessary to buy it at service stations or at tourist stalls.

What clothes do we have to wear ... this is Iceland and it can be very cold and we can have a downpour at any time. This means that we must be prepared for everything.

Where to sleep?

It is known that Iceland's hotel offer is scarce and is usually quite expensive. Reykjavík is no exception and find something below those 60€ it's complicated. These are the hotels we use on our trip:

  • Guesthouse Pavi: this was one of our choices for its price, the cheapest. The rooms are small and the bathroom is shared. Its situation is very good and if we are not going to spend more than two nights in the city it is an option to take into account.
  • The Capital Inn: another hotel we tried, with good prices and comfortable rooms. Internet and breakfast included. The downside is its location, away from the center and requiring a car to reach it.

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