Visit the Nazca lines of Peru


One of the best known mysteries of mankind are the Nazca lines inPeru. A set of lines furrowed in the earth located in the Pampas of Socos near Nazca and less than 400 meters above sea level. Lines that can only be seen from the air if we really want to see their majesty, however if we arrive with a very tight pocket we can observe some of them from a viewpoint.

The Nazca Lines - Peru

Visit the Nazca lines of Peru from the sky

It is known that the best way to see the Nazca lines Peru is taking a plane. Well, we did that, we went to María Reiche airfield just outside Nazca, without reservation and we took a flight with the Aerodiana line. For comfort it is the best, but you have more options, some similar and others cheaper and less comfortable. It is important to take a plane that ensures you are in a window and whose wings are located at the top, so as not to disturb the vision.

The Nazca Lines - Peru

Luckily, we travel in the best part of the plane, right at the end and near the door. All seats had their own window, but those under the wing had a kind of mast that covered the view a bit. After buckling our belts and setting up the camera with a quick shot, the pilot gave us basic flight rules indicating that for each line or geoglyphs that we flew over, we would do it in two passes to be able to observe it on both sides of the plane, since this would lean over the figure so that we can have the best possible views. Then they gave us some bags for dizziness, which later many people ended up using.

Flight over the Nazca Lines

The plane went on the runway, took its take-off slot and the 30-minute trip over one of the most fascinating places on the planet began. Everyone nervously prepared their cameras and then the pilot informed us of our first sighting, the astronaut.

The astronaut - Nazca Lines of Peru

East geoglyphs He is famous because he looks like an alien greeting the sky, or as his name indicates an astronaut. What is this figure carved in the mountain really about? Our imagination that there ...

It was at this moment that I realized that I pulled the trigger with a reflex, through a viewfinder and a plane window with so much movement was not good for my head. The dizziness began to feel in my body and the following photographs would take them more calmly.

The whale - Nazca Lines of Peru

The next geoglyph was the Whale, remembering that this place was located near the sea thousands of years ago. Then came what is perhaps the most complete and fun figure of all the Nazca lines, the monkey. How the hell did they build such a perfect figure?

El mono - Nazca Lines of Peru

As the thing seems to be about animals suddenly appeared the dog and then the first passenger who vomits. Extremely common thing since the plane does not make very sharp turns, ruining the trip to more than one.

The dog - Nazca Lines of Peru

Next came the Hummingbird that together with him Monkey and the Spider, were the geoglyphs that I liked most of all Nazca lines. Sincerely perfect and with lines so straight that we couldn't have done with squad or bevel.

The hummingbird - Nazca Lines of Peru

Since we were at the height of the flight came the Spider. With its 8 well-built legs and more than one it will have even given some fear. Simply awesome

The spider - Nazca Lines of Peru

There were not too many figures left to see and at least 3 of the 12 passengers who were flying had left lunch in a paper bag. The smell began to be present but the adrenaline produced to continue seeing more figures did not stop sprouting making the foul smell disappear. Time to photograph the crane.

The Crane - Nazca Lines of Peru

Seen a bird as another came, The toucan, animal that by these heights of the desert could not be seen. Could it be that the Nazcas traveled to the Amazon or that the jungle was much closer thousands of years ago?

The Toucan - Nazca Lines of Peru

Finally we pass over the viewpoint that is in the Pan American in direction to Ica where the geoglyphs of the tree and of hands. An interesting option if we want to ride the plane due to its high costs (+100$).

The tree and hands - Nazca Lines of Peru

After the visit, the pilot took the course María Reiche airfield after less than 30 minutes of flight and with a balance of 4 people who vomited and the rest visibly touched by the dizziness. Something quite usual when it comes to light aircraft and not helicopters.

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Practical data - The Nazca lines of Peru

When to go see the Nazca lines?

It is a desert with minimal rainfall. This means that any time of the year is good. We just have to avoid the sand storms They can hide the Nazca lines.

How to get to Nazca?

Nazca is mainly reached by bus, both from Lima and Arequipa. Buses that usually stop in Ica, Paracas and even Pisco. Once in Nazca, just take a taxi to go to the airfield and buy the plane tickets.

For example, from Arequipa it takes about 10 hours to arrive.

When to fly

Flights must meet visibility of 5km horizontally and 1.5 vertically. If this is not fulfilled directly they do not go out and this happens if there is fog or sandstorms.

Flights have a maximum duration of 30 minutes being sanctioned if they last longer.


Drink dizziness pills and avoid eating two hours before flying. If you go in a group, photograph the least possible since they will get dizzy faster.

Where to stay

Hotel Casa Andina: our choice. Something above our usual budget but really comfortable. Also breakfast is great and very good communication.