Trekking in the Waterfall of Aljibe

Today we have a route of trekking through one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Spain, the Cascada del Aljibe. This waterfall of two great falls is located on one of the most picturesque routes in Spain, the route of the black architecture villages, in Guadalajara. The route is simple, less than 10km, although there is the possibility of being able to limit it. Let's see how to access these spectacular waterfalls.

Waterfall of the cistern

Waterfall of the cistern

It is an atypical route, since it does not begin with a rise, but with a descent. The beginning is flat but then it is lowered by a steep slope to the waterfalls. Being a routecircular This slope can be avoided by another slight climb that accesses Roblelacasa and from there to the town of The Espinar, where the route starts.

The route starts from one of the most beautiful villages of black architecture, The Espinar. There it is possible to leave the car next to the soccer field and leave walking between the rural houses until arriving at a path that begins at a gate.

At the beginning of the route you leave the town behind you and the Pico del Ocejón, a classic of the mountain of Guadalajara. Halfway it is possible to pass very close to cattle, since it is an area of ​​strong livestock presence, as happened to us. In the middle of the road we find some nice cows, some with the face of few friends, but at first sight they intimidate and that they are totally harmless.

The spine

The road is still an act for winners or 4 × 4 cars, but it passes between oaks and imposing trees. The best time to do this route is in spring, since the mountains are covered by a blanket of White flowers that make the landscape seem to shine, something spectacular. On the flattest slopes, where the cattle are, it is possible to see how the ground is covered by some yellow flowers giving a multicolored touch to the entire route.

Waterfall of the cistern
Waterfall of the cistern

Although the beginning is very easy and quite flat, the hard starts on the descent, a descent with a strong embankment on which it is very easy to slide. This slope must be lowered very carefully since it can be even a little dangerous if it is wet. If it has rained the day before, do not doubt that you will fall, so be very careful to lower it.

At the end of the slope the best comes, you cross the river that feeds the Aljibe waterfall, and this is less than 5 minutes.

Waterfall of the cistern

If you have the chance take a tripod, since it is a perfect place to practice with your camera and make the silk effect with the fall of the water.

Waterfall of the cistern

The waterfall can be photographed from both banks, obtaining very different perspectives, but the best of course is from the right bank, where the previous two photographs are taken. There is a point, in front of these, where you can be face to face with them and take the best snapshot.

Waterfall of the cistern

From the left side photography is much more vertical, so if you don't have a good angle, photography may be somewhat poorer.

Already back from the waterfall, although it is uphill, it is much more bearable. From the waterfall there is a path that starts atRoblelacasa, where you can stop at one of its restaurants or drink water from the fountain of the small town square. There you have to locate a fence that leaves towards The Espinar, hidden and that is why we take the following photograph to make it clear as it is and "where it is".


Practical data

When to go?

The best time is in spring, when the mountains are covered by a beautiful flower bench. On the other hand in summer it is very hot, but it is the best option to be able to bathe in the river or in the waterfall.

How to get?

The Aljibe Waterfall is an hour and a half from Madrid by the Barcelona road. You have to go through Guadalajara towards Humanes and then Tamajón.

Where to sleep?

Not far from the Aljibe Waterfall we have numerous rural houses and rustic accommodations in the towns of Robleluengo, Valverde de los Arroyos or Tamajón among others. For example, we recommend places like:

  • The Inn of Tamajón
  • Plus cottages or hotels in the area