El Barranco de Gebas in Murcia (Amazing landscape of badlands)

One of the most unusual landscapes in the province of Murcia is the Barranco de Gebas, a place formed by badlands like the ones you can find in Teruel or LasBardenas Reales, in Navarra. Desert, hills eroded by water and wind with scarce vegetation, canyons, gullies and ravines is what you can find in a landscape of these characteristics and not far from tourist areas such as the Manga del Mar Menor, Calblanque or Cabo de Palos.

The Ravine of Gebas

Badlands, formations of another planet

If you don't know the Badlands term, today we are going to tell you its meaning so that you understand a little better what kind of landscape we are talking about. Imagine a desert with hardly any vegetation. Full of hills and narrow ravines. Cárcavas, canals and the occasional fairy chimney of capricious forms. Geological forms with a wide range of colors such as clay red, brown or white. Do you already have it in mind?

Ravine of Gebas
Ravine of Gebas

But in the case of Barranco de Gebas it has a peculiarity that makes it really beautiful, the Reservoir of the Rambla de Algeciras, where the turquoise water of this reservoir fills part of those channels creating small branches with an air taken from places as remote as Lake Powell in the United States.

Ravine of Gebas
Ravine of Gebas

We can say that this landscape impresses, especially at Sunrise or in the sunsets, where the colors stand out much more. During our visit to Murcia we made part of this tour the car and part walking, where there are several viewpoints to enjoy this strange landscape.

Our experience in the Barranco de Gebas

We depart from the Gebas Resturante or the Rural Houses the Mirador de Gebas, by a dirt road hallucinating with the landscape and with the beautiful views towards the Algeciras waterfront reservoir, always in front. The road, complicated in some sections, is not entirely well signposted, so the reservoir must always be taken as a reference. To get to lookout We confirmed that we were alone in the badlands, we did not understand how there was no one here, although the answer could be what someone is looking for in Murcia, the beach.

Location of the Barranco de Gebas
Viewpoint in the Barranco de Gebas
Ravine of Gebas

The viewpoint knew us little by little and seeing that turquoise color of the reservoir and the boulevards that were barely visible from the viewpoint, we took a track down with the car until we approached the reservoir. The tour is simply worth it, since the best photographs are in this section. The bad, what an eye with the car, it is not easy to drive By these tracks and the slopes, if you don't have much power, they may become hell. With the exception of this “small”, the Barranco de Gebas is an excellent excursion to take into account if you visit Murcia.

Practical data

How to get?

The route leaves from the Rural Houses the Mirador de Gebas (See in Google Maps). From there you have to take a track where shortly after you have to turn left to take a dirt road (be careful if it has rained). With caution on this road you access the main viewpoint of Gebas.

Access map to the Barranco de Gebas

Restaurants recommended by the area

  • La Cuesta Restaurant. Not far from the Bateria del Castillito. Very cheap And homemade food first.
  • Magoga restaurant. By far the best restaurant in Cartagena
  • Bodega la Fuente. If you like anchovies and everything that comes from Santoña, it's your place

Where to sleep?

  • Maria Guerrero apartments. Nice apartments by the sea
  • Heart of Cabo de Palos apartment. Just by looking at the photos, you fall
  • Rural Houses the Mirador de Gebas. In the same entrance of the Barranco de Gebas

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