The best photographs of the month of February - 2014

The best photographs of the month of February. As every month we show you the best photographs of last month's articles. This time we have focused on several destinations in Spain, such as Aran Valley, the Sierra Norte de Madrid and Ibiza, the two-sided island. Further, Mexico, one of the destinations that we will talk the most over the coming months. By last Italy and its spectacular Amalfi coast, a true paradise with villages that leave no one indifferent.

We hope you enjoy this selection of photographs that you can see on the trips of the month of February.

Tulum A Mayan paradise by the sea

The Caribbean coast of Mexico is home to authenticMayan paradises like Tulum, possibly the most famous archaeological site in the world by the sea. The coast of the Yucatan Peninsula has several of the most important tourist attractions in Mexico, such as Cancun, theCozumel Island and Isla Mujeres, and of course the enigmatic and impressive Tulum, a Mayan paradise.

Tulum, Yucatan

Madrid. Route through the unique landscape of Las Carcavas

Some time ago we heard of a place located north of Madrid called Las Cárcavas. They told us about a unique landscape, of a kind ofdesert through the Sierra de Ayllón. This landscape had great cuts on the ground due to theerosion Of rain and wind. It had reddish colors, all of them on a mountain that seemed like time was disappearing without a trace. But above all, if you took a picture of this place you would run the “risk” of being asked the following question, have you been to Death Valley?

The Carcavas
Olive Pontoon
Alpedrete de la Sierra

Italy. Amalfi Coast and its fairytale villages

TheAmalfi Coast It is a group of small towns hanging on vertiginous cliffs whipped by a turquoise sea. This place of story brings millions of tourists every year and it is not surprising since traveling its narrow roads lead us to enjoy one of the bestRoadTrips of Europe.

Balearic Islands What to see in winter in Ibiza

It is curious and somewhat strange, but it is clear that if you are going to visit Ibiza inwinter you will meet aghost island instead of his well-known party soul. In winter Ibiza is another island, it is quiet, but with different emotions and for another type of audience. It is lonely, it is for a few looking for a very different charm. It is perhaps for all this that winter is the best time to enjoy theirlandscapes and its sunsets.

Ibiza old town
Comta Creek
It's Vedra

Pyrenees. A simple racket route through the Aran Valley

One of the star activities of the Aran Valley is hiking withsnow rackets, an activity that is not usually crowded like skiing and that allows you to travel through beautiful valleys or ascend white mountains. Going to the Aran Valley in winter is not just skiing, the routes with rackets are increasingly fashionable. There are for all levels and today we start with a simple experience to one of the key places, theColomers Circus, an enclave very visited in summer for the amount of lakes it houses.

Tedros Banhs Route
Tedros Banhs Route

France. The walled city of Aigues Mortes

If we ask for a walled city in the South of France, it quickly comes to mind Carcassonne and rarely Aigues Mortes. A pity given that its innate beauty as its strange enclave surrounded by channels and pink marshes, well deserves a reserved space in our planning.

The best photographs of the month of February