The Fountains Abbey (The most beautiful in England)

In Britain and especially in England or Scotland, there are a large number of abbeys and ruined castles. A good example of this is theFountains Abbey, in the Yorkshire region and a few kilometers from the monumental city of York. A priori it may be that visiting a demolished place is not of great interest, but its locations, the history that surrounds them and thinking as it was in their best times, make these types of places have a special aura.

Fountains Abbey

Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire, England

The Fountains Abbey or Fountains Abbey in English, is perhaps the most visited abbey in all of northern England. Even so, it is not synonymous with massification since the environment is so great that one can find loneliness quickly. There are tens of kilometers of trails, not only to see the abbey, but to explore the monumental garden that surrounds it. In fact, this natural wonder is usually forgotten by most travelers, focusing solely on the Fountains Abbey and missing a place of great beauty.

Fountains Abbey Map

Our visit to Fountains Abbey (Yorkshire)

It was my second visit to the Fountains Abbey, the first time I was reel cameras ... so I can say that I didn't remember much. This visit knew me as if I had never been here, although what I still had in my head were the kilometers of trails to travel through the area.

Taking the map above as a reference, we take the road that leads to the main entrance of Fountains Abbey, right at point number 1. There are several parking lots, some further than others, and that connect with the visitor center, where there are a restaurant and where we will buy our ticket (13.60 pounds). From here there is a beautiful path that goes to the same abbey through a playground. The first thing that will catch our attention is that the abbey is completely in ruins, approximately since the closure decreed by Henry VIII almost 500 years ago

Fountains Abbey - Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire

Despite having no roof in almost the entire abbey, one can get the idea of ​​how majestic it was. I am used to visiting abbeys in perfect condition, crowded with visitors and where a guided tour is the only option. Here we can visit it on our own, know each corner and be as long as we need.

Fountains Abbey - Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire

Walking inside the abbey one notices that many of its stones have been extracted and the truth is that they are not far away. Many of them were used in the construction of the fountains in the nearby park. Now where the main nave and the altar are, there is a curious lawn and the truth is not bad at all.

Of the few places with the roof in perfect condition is thecellarium, the place where the monks kept the food, that is, the pantry. It is also one of the few places where we can protect ourselves in case of rain.

Fountains Abbey - Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire

If I remember correctly, it took us about 30 minutes to visit the abbey and as you can see in the photographs we were completely alone, things arriving at 10:00 AM, opening time of the complex.

Fountains Abbey - Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire

We went outside and decided to visit the water garden, a series of ponds and fountains, surrounded by a beautiful forest. This area is not always visited since to travel it all we have to walk several kilometers, that is, it is a whole hiking route.

Fountains Abbey - Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire

One of the most eloquent views of the abbey is by the river to the west of the abbey, just at the beginning of the walk to the fountains and where it widens artificially. This was a place where once there were several guest houses, some remain but they are barely recognizable.

Fountains Abbey

At the end of the river, just before turning 90 degrees to our left, there are several trails that climb a steep hill. From my point of view expendable, but there is a rather peculiar tower-shaped building (Octagon tower) or octagonal tower. I who was looking for views from the top towards the abbey could not find them. All of them are covered by lush vegetation.

I get the impression that visiting Fountains Abbey in Autumn should be spectacular.

Fountains Abbey - Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire

The most visited are its fountains, surrounded by a Greek-looking temple (Temple of piety). All this belongs to Studley royal, a park created by the English aristocracy where we miss the palace. Very logical because this existed until 1946, moment that disappeared after a fire.

Fountains Abbey - Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire

What we did not imagine is that once we reached the end of the tour, we had to go back to Fountains Abbey again, with no possibility of shortcut despite being quite close. The rodeo takes more than 30/45 minutes, with more slopes to climb, but the best thing is that it gave us the opportunity to say goodbye to the queen of the visit.

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What time is the Fountains Abbey

The schedule is from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Deer Park, just outside the abbey opens from 06:00 - 18:00.

What does it cost to visit Fountains Abbey

The ticket price is 13.60 pounds which can be purchased directly at the visitor center or online.

Recommendations for a comfortable visit to the Fountains Abbey

It is necessary to wear comfortable shoes since to travel throughout the park we can travel more than 5 kilometers. In addition, as the place is so extensive, the ideal is to bring your own food as it is only available at the visitor center. By the way, if you see a bathroom use it ... you may not find another one after several kilometers.

There is an area for tea by the lake, but only available to members of the English Heritage pass.

Recommended to visit first thing in the morning. Starting at 12:00 PM it is rush hour.

How to arrive by public transport

From York you can arrive with theFlyer service 822, but only between May and September, in addition to only going out on Sundays and holidays. Another option is to take a bus from Ripon, 139, Monday, Thursday or Saturday.

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