5 destinations for Valentine's Day (Getaways for Valentine's Day)


It is strange that we write for a classic such as Valentine's Day. True, we don't believe in Valentine's Day, but we clearly believe in cities that fall in love. Prague, Budapest, Ghent, Lisbon or Berlin are cities that transmit things, things that make you feel, and above all, that you feel like sharing. Every day they should have a bit of February 14, and any time is good to embark on a trip with that person that you want to share every moment of your life.

5 destinations for Valentine's Day

Beyond the two great classics, Paris and Rome, there are other great cities that deserve a good visit on this appointed date.

1 Medieval Prague

For many Prague is a real Outdoor museum. There are so many things to see in Prague that one can go a little crazy planning a trip to a city with these characteristics. You can tour theMedieval Prague where merchants marked the economic life of the city or even discover its most recent history, touring places marked by World War II, thePrague spring or the "recent"Velvet Revolution, where the end of the communist era began and the creation of two new countries, the Czech Republic (Czech Republic) and Slovakia.

Old Town Square

In addition to its history we have its beer, something that makes us a little crazy and that has become an obligation or attraction more than the capital of the Czech Republic. Full city, city that makes anyone fall in love.

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2 Historic Budapest

Budapest is a city with an imposing past and stately court. It is a city to walk, to discover it. It is worth soaking up its recent history, the one that splashes much of the city, where World War II and the subsequent Hungarian revolution stand out, where after several riotsthe Soviet army invaded the city, leaving thousands dead along the way. It seems a lie, but this happened only 60 years ago.


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3 The flirtatious Ghent

Ghent is the city of the two rivers, ofLeie (Lys) and ofScald, a place chosen to build alittle abbey which gave rise to the city there by the sixth century. We know that during the middle ages Ghent became one of the most prosperous and important cities of the time, a result that today can be perceived in its architecture and the richness of each city building.

Thewool city, so many knew her at that time, a material that made only a city like Paris exceed it in size. Ghent and the cities of Flanders like Bruges, Leuven or Antwerp were the center of the world commercial, almost nothing ...

Graslei & Korenlei

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4 The city of fashion, Lisbon

Lisbon is in fashion. The good climate, next to the sea, its good gastronomy and the amount of restaurants and bars it houses has become a very visited destination in recent years. Its aged cut, somewhat aged, gives it a special charm. And something we cannot forget, Portugal is still one of the most economical landscapes to travel.

In addition, a stone's throw you have Sintra, possibly one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Portugal.

Belem Tower - Lisbon

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5 Berlin's special charm

They say about it, cold, rain, bad weather, maybe an ideal combination for a trip to go to waste, but Berlin even with bad days fills you with a story that impacts, places that bring you memories of dark times or bloody wars and moments to forget so we don't make the same mistakes again.

Berlin is the example of a city modernand cosmopolitan, full of life. In summer with crowded terraces, in winter with cheerful bars and bars that fill any neighborhood of the city with life. Something has Berlin, no doubt.


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