On the road through Spain. Do you want to get the job of your life?

Imagine having the job of your dreams for a year. That besides having a good salary, you can travel on your own, for free. That your main function is to travel, tell what you do. You fancy?.

The work of your life does not exist but you can create it. This is the motto ofExpedia Pioneers, a European project in which 6 countries will participate including Spain. To give you an idea, you are looking for a person like you, who will be hired for a year to travel through Spain by marking the itinerary and sharing their stories in a blog and in the social networks.

You don't have to be a travel blogger, no matter the age, well, at least you have to be 18, you have to like to travel and of course know Spain.

Besides, if you don't have experience in the network, it doesn't matter, they will train you no less than at the Expedia headquarters in London about social networks, blogs, etc. Also during the trip you will have the support of a Community Manager.

You may be asking yourself the question that traveling is cool, but for a year if you don't have days off you are too tired. Expedia the chosen candidate, as in any job, will give 2 days off per week more 25 days off during the life of the project. Imagine, I am even thinking about it ...

Pioneer Expedia

If you are worried about traveling just the same, they will not be bad if your partner travels with you, but you will have to meet the expenses, since the hiring will be for one person only.

Facing the salary Although it seems surreal to you for the current times it is nothing less than € 100,000 gross, yes, as you hear it. With this salary you can discover the best hotels in Spain, the cheapest options or visit the most remote, original or traditional places. You will decide how to distribute your work hours.

Finally if you want to opt for this job Remember, if you are not a passionate or active person, do not present your application. One year traveling you have to feel it and what is asked is to prove it. You dare?.

To apply for the job you must enter and send a 90 second video where explain why you are the right person for the position.