Car Rental in Las Vegas (Experience and prices)

All trip toLas Vegas It is accompanied by a long vacation where you could not miss acar rental to visit the many national parks that surround it. Incredible places like Mount Valley, Zion National Park, the Colorado Canyon or Bryce Canyon among others. To get to them we will need a car and in it we will spend much of the trip due to the great distances we must travel. It is also one of the largest disbursements of our trip and that is why we need to look with magnifying glass where to hire a car rental in Las Vegas.

Car Rental in Las Vegas

Car Rental in Las Vegas

Every year for very different reasons I have to visitLas Vegas. Sometimes for pleasure and those more for work reasons. Once there and knowing that in the city I will spend a couple of days at most, I always end up looking for a rental car in Las Vegas to move around the incredible places that are a few hours away by road.

The Mirage and the Venetian

The funny thing is that in the end I do not end up renting the car with the same company every year, but it is true that I almost always move in a select group of companies for price issues, always ignoring certain companies whose prices are always more expensive. Usually Sixt (the best cars), Budget, National Rent a Car and Alamo are my chosen ones, having perhaps the most adjusted prices.

Where to rent a Car in Las Vegas

We can rent cars in most hotels and at the rental center of the Las Vegas International Airport (McCarran). From the internet we can choose the point of collection and delivery in any of these sites, being very comfortable especially if we stay in a hotel in the city center.

Car Rental in Las Vegas

The most common site is to rent it at the airport since you do not always intend to spend the night in Las Vegas. In addition, most Internet sites place you as the only collection point for the airport or some specific offices in the city. The airport office specifically is outside of this, being forced to take a free shuttle to take us to this, located 10 minutes from the main terminal. There are most of the rental offices of the main brands except for Sixt which is located in another building just in front.

How to find the cheapest car rental in Las Vegas

The first fundamental rule is not to rent the car at the hotel since they are always more expensive and there is a large commission ahead. Sometimes the rush leads us to this error, especially if our hotel is far from the rental center of the McCarran airport. Even so, taking a taxi or Uber there will be well worth it, usually paying an amount between 15 Y 20$ which we will later amortize after renting a car several days.

Car Rental in Las Vegas

Another important detail is to make the reservation in advance. Las Vegas is a gigantic tourist destination, where thousands of tourists arrive every day with the idea of ​​renting a muscle car American. Therefore the ideal is check online the costs that each of the rental agencies have and make the reservation as soon as possible. However, in order not to surprise us with prices, I would recommend that the rental agreement include the following:

  • Unlimited mileage: the distances are huge, especially if you plan to visit Mount Valley or the Colorado Canyon.
  • Basic insurance: Usually in this part of the United States you drive well, there are usually no accidents and thefts are not too frequent. Standard insurance would be more than enough with the partial collision coverage (CDW).
  • Full tank: This option may add a small cost to the rental but in my view it is worth it. It gives you the opportunity to return the car with an empty tank without having to find a last-minute gas station.
  • Second driver: Check that the second driver has no cost. This must be over 21 years, like the main driver.
  • A convertible?: Very cool but impractical. Traveling two people with a lot of luggage there will be no choice but to leave the luggage in the back seat. A good place for any sausage to see something to steal. If it's three people, don't even think about it. In my case I have rented it several times because I love it and because I was traveling alone.

The truth is that going company to company is a can and sometimes we have not just found the best price. That is why we usually use specialized search engines such as RentalCars, which are already in charge of doing that job looking for the cheapest rate and above with discounts.

For example, for an average rental of 15 days these are some cheap prices that we can find:

  • Small car (Class A): 629€ in Alamo.
  • Medium / large car (Class C): 674€ in Alamo.
  • Convertible: 1052€ in National.
  • Ford Mustang convertible: 1211€ in Alamo.

Booking it with RentalCars we guarantee a quick reservation with the best price. Certainly you will ask for our credit card to make the reservation, something that in some rental agencies will not ask for it. Even so, if we go back in the reservation we can cancel it without any problem.

What if I get a points card?

There are many companies that have it and the truth that has its advantages. The first one is discounts and the other, not least, is that you forget to wait and you can pick up the car directly to the parking lot, without having to go through the window.

Can we return the car in a different place?

Of course. Something very common is to book the car rental in Las Vegas and return it in San Francisco or Los Angeles. This is very common since when one picks up the car in Las Vegas, many license plates are of California And not from Nevada. While it is true that the police sometimes look more at license plates of other states and on some rare occasion they will ask for the vehicle's papers.

This option may have a small surcharge.

Car Rental in Las Vegas

And if there are no cars like the one we choose?

No problem, it happens to me 1 in 5 times. They will always have cars and by law they will give you a car of the following category that you have reserved. Never inferior.

Do I need the international card?

In theory no and in fact they have never asked me. Both in the rental offices, as for the police who have stopped me on several occasions, fine included for speeding. Even so I always carry it in case the flies and to feel calmer.