The best photographs of the month of December - 2013

The best photographs of the month of December. Today we do a brief review with a selection of photographs from last month. This time it was a difficult choice, since more than 200 photographs had been published. From Spain several routes, the classic Malicious in the Sierra de Guadarrama of Madrid and in Gredos the unknown Bare.

Not far from Spain the dazzling cliffs of Ireland, Cliffs of Moher, as if they were skyscrapers emerged from the sea. On the other side of the world, Asia, with the island-state Singapore, with the famous symbol of the cityMerlion. To the north of this luxurious island we speak of one of the most desired countries, Myanmar, with its magical Inle Lake and the art of its fishermen.

Finally our antipodes, the Fiji Islands, a paradise in the middle of the Pacific.

Here are a selection of the photos that you can see on the trips of the month of December.

Guadarrama The Malicious by the south face

Winter is back, our favorite season to practicetrekking. To begin, the Malicious by the south face, a classic mountain within the newSierra de Guadarrama National Park, in Madrid. It is not the classic route that leaves from the Port of Navacerrada through the Ball of the world or from La Barranca. This route has more unevenness without having excessive difficulty except in winter, the best time to make this beautiful route ...

Views from the route

Myanmar A magical place called Inle Lake

We leave behind the bustling piers that leave for Inle Lake fromNyaungshwe. Many say that the only option to see the lake is to take one of those large barges that leave south of the lake. But if you want to access less tourist spots, villages that are born on the mountain and end up on the shore of the lake or simply if you want to end up in a hidden monastery or in a winery of questionable quality, the only option is to make a route inbicycle

Inle Lake
Floating villages

Gredos The Peeled Unknown

In those days when you decide to go for a walk in the mountains, but looking for new sensations. Those peaks where someone is on the road is strange, mainly because of the lack of it or how uncomfortable it can be to cross certain sections. All this is what we will find when ascendingThe Peeled, in the part of theSierra de Gredosmost forgotten, very close to the well-known town of Ávila boat… .

The Peeled

Ireland. Cliffs of Moher

Ireland It is not a country of contrasts, practically 100% of its territory is immensely green, mainly due to the storms that come from the Atlantic Ocean.


Singapore. Merlion, the symbol and the imaginary creature

Not long ago we talked about Singapore and what you can see on this curious island. In that article we briefly mention Merlion, the imaginary creature or the symbol of Singapore, present in a multitude of places along the island.

Singapore city
Merlion park

Fiji The paradise of the Mamanuca Islands

I don't think there are people who have never heard ofFiji. They probably do not know how to place it on the map, but I am sure of one thing, Fiji brings to mind images of white sand beaches with tourists in the shade of coconut trees.

Fiji - Mamanuca Islands
Fiji - Mamanuca Islands