What to see in Sofia on a weekend


After a couple of visits to Bulgaria Last year, we have compiled what to see in Sofia in a weekend. A small city, with short distances and where you eat well and cheaply. As the first personal advice before reading further, Sofia is better to visit it with an open mind and avoiding tedious comparisons with other European cities.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend

What to see in Sofia during a weekend

Hungry travelers from European capitals have a new low-cost destination to visit. For less than 100€ It is possible to find cheap flights to travel to Sofia. Flights that leave you at the main airport of the city, communicated in an excellent way by a comfortable subway.

A little about Bulgaria

Today Bulgaria is one more country in the European community, but continuing with its local currency, the Lev. A coin that is worth about half a Euro.

It is not one of the richest and there are still many years left to reach the level of the countries with the highest purchasing level. Especially it does not stand out in infrastructure, unemployment rates, average salary and corruption levels.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend

But Bulgaria is changing. Large IT companies such as Microsoft, HP, Huawei, VMware, ..., among others, have set their sights on this eastern country. The reason is none other than the use of low reigning wages. For these monsters, Bulgaria is the European capital for its low-cost support services.

In the face of tourism, most of these things are transparent, but it is always good to know the country we visit. Bulgaria is above all a safe country, although it has an endemic problem with traffic accidents. Their roads are full of socabones and their drivers tend to sting easily. Therefore, it is advisable to drive quietly and avoid getting angry.

What to see in Sofia

Sofia is by far the largest and richest city in the country. Similar in some ways to other cities in central and eastern Europe, although it still has an air to its Soviet past. In fact many monuments are built in honor of Russian characters or the Soviet army itself. Another example is the government buildings that stand on wide avenues that transport us to a smallMoscow.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend

1 Sofia Cathedral

The Sofia Cathedral It is the best known image of the city. This orthodox church built in the nineteenth century is located in the center and is generally the starting point of visits.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend - Sofia Cathedral

Your real name is Alexander Nevsky Cathedral of Sofia and its exterior attracts a lot of attention. What he calls the most attention are his golden domes that glow brightly with sunlight. Its interior, on the other hand, is dark, as usual in this type of churches.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend

It was raised in honor of the fallen Russians after Bulgaria's liberation from the Ottoman Empire. Something that should not surprise us since many corners of the capital have a certain relationship with Russia and his past so close with Bulgaria.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend

Any bend in the cathedral is painted with religious images very carefully. Too bad that many of them can barely be distinguished by the low interior light. Candles in some cases correct part of this problem, turning the interior of the cathedral into a gloomy and gloomy place.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend

Your access is free, but if you want to take pictures you will have to pay 10 Levs.

2 Bulgarian National Theater

Also called National TheaterIvan VazovIt is one of the most beautiful monuments in the city, especially in summer and autumn, when the nearby fountains leave a good picture.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend

It dates from the 20th century and has been rebuilt several times. Once by a fire and again after the bombings of the Second World War, where even the tanks came to surround the theater.

3 Church of Sveti Georgi

It is the oldest church in Bulgaria and is dated in the same Roman empire. Curiously, it is hidden in the courtyard of a government building, so it is very easy not to see it.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend - Sofia's oldest church

Free access

4 Serdica deposits

Sofia sits on an ancient Roman city. There is hardly much left of it, but part of its Roman road, mosaics and different houses have been recovered. Of the Roman theater there are barely 4 stones left, so what we can best visit is the area adjacent to the Nezavisimost square.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend

5 Sveta Petka Church

If I remember correctly, it is one of the oldest churches in the city and of Roman origin. It is next to the church ofSveti Georgi, an example where looking for high bell towers will not lead us to find these antiques.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend - Church of Sveta Petka

6 Sofia Regional History Museum

Another emblematic building in the city where crowds of young people gather around a large fountain. It is located right in front of the mosque and near the synagogue of the city.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend - Sofia Regional Museum

7 Sofia Mosque

Modest mosque located in front of the regional museum. You can visit whenever we wear formal clothes and women are covered with a veil delivered to the entrance.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend - Sofia Mosque

8 Monument to the Soviet Navy

Not far from the cathedral is the Knyazheska park. There is the monument to the Soviet Navy, which is famous for its many graffiti of marvel or DC heroes that today tend to quickly erase the authorities.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend - Monument to the Soviet Navy

9 Sveta Nedelya Cathedral

At the end of theNezavisimost square This beautiful church is housed, considered one of the most important in the city. Although its origin is estimated in the 10th century, what we see today has nothing to do with what it was. Since it was thrown completely and rebuilt from scratch several times.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend - Sveta Nedelya Cathedral

10 Boulevard Vitosha

Sofia has several pedestrian streets, such as the boulevard Vitosha and the street of Pirotska. Both are commercial arteries, especially the boulevard for its large number of restaurants and for communicating with the National Park of the Palace of Culture.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend - Boulevard Vitosha

Between the cathedral of Sveta Nedelya Cathedral and the boulevard, we have the courthouse, a building that reminds us of congress of the deputies of Madrid.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend

11 Russian church of Nikolai Mirlikiiski

Just 200 meters away is this beautiful church of the cathedral of Sofia. Small and cozy, place that will transport us to Russia thanks to its sharp golden domes.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend - Russian Church

12 Church of Sveti Sedmochislenitsi

Modest church but with a very beautiful interior. Photographs are not allowed, but it is a good point to enjoy orthodox art without having many tourists around you.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend

13 Bulgarian National Museum

It is the largest museum in Bulgaria and as you can see, the building itself imposes. Located very close to the mountains, its access from the center requires taking a taxi or several means of public transport.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend - Bulgarian National Museum

Its interior houses exhibitions from the Neolithic, through the times of the Thracians, Romans, ..., to the present day. It is a good method to know the history of the country and start a longer view with good footing.

The cost of the museum is10 Levs.

14 Bulgarian Army Museum

If you like military history and vehicles destined for such a fatal end, this museum will fill your appetite. In it we will see all kinds of tanks (T34, T55, ...), airplanes (Mig 17/19/21/23, SU 22), helicopters (Mi 24), trucks, ..., mostly from Russia, Germany, Czech Republic or France

What to see in Sofia on a weekend - Bulgarian Army Museum

In the interior building history is exposed from Roman times to the present day. Perhaps it is worth highlighting the exhibition of the First World War where really hard photographs are exhibited. Many too many goals.

Access to the first vehicles is free, but if you want to see more and enter the museum you must12 Levs.

15 Boyana Church

The Boyana church, despite not attracting attention from outside, represents one of the best examples of medieval art in Europe. Its interior is full of magnificent frescoes depicting different scenes from the life of Jesus and other stories from the history of Bulgaria.

What to see in Sofia on a weekend - Boyana Church

It is not allowed to photograph its interior and its size is so small that it is prone to visitor queues. No more than 8 people are allowed inside, so it is advisable to arrive early in the morning, 9:00.

It has a cost of 10 Levs.

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Practical data

Before leaving for Sofia

  • Search and compare flights at the best price
  • Lonely Planet Guide
  • Airport Transfers
  • Car rental found a 15% discount
  • The best excursions in Bulgaria

When to go to Sofia

We have always been in winter and to the truth that both times we were lucky with the temperatures. Not too cold, but while it is true, in January and February snowfall is frequent. The rest of the year the temperatures are mild and in summer until very hot.

Is Sofia expensive?

Sofia is really very cheap. Both transport and food usually cost half as much as in any country in western Europe. For example, having breakfast costs about 2 Levs and eating about 7/10 Levs. Yes, the credit card It is less used than usual, especially when paying at some restaurants or museums.

 See tours in Sofia

How to get around Sofia

It is best to make use of public transport such as subway. It has a cost of only 1.60 Levs that allows you to even get to the airport. However, most attractions can be reached on foot.

Where to eat in Sofia

The two times I was in Sofia I visited theHadjidraganov's Cellars. Something tourist but perfect to know the cuisine of the country. In our case we had a feast for 2 people, with wine, two starters, a main giant who had eaten 3, two desserts and wine for 35 Levs per person. Something more expensive than usual.

Where to sleep in Sofia

We leave you our selection of hotels.

  • Rooftop Oscar rooms: apartments just 5 minutes from the center cathedral. Very well connected and have Wi-Fi and shared kitchen. Our choice.
  • Ramada Sofia: 4-star option at very interesting prices.
  • Hotel Central Point: budget hotel with clean and well-kept rooms. Near the cathedral of Sveta Nedelya.

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