Visit to Medina Azahara (Excursion from Córdoba)


Medina Azahara, recently included in the list of World Heritage monuments, is one of those almost obligatory visits and one of the places to see in Córdoba. A perfect getaway to a place that should have been impressive and that the little that has come to our day lets us see the wonder and greatness that became a city like Medina Azahara (Madinat al-Zahra).

Visit to Medina Azahara from Córdoba

Our experience

In a two-day visit to the city of Córdoba we decided to make a small getaway to one of the excursions that are now more fashionable due to his appointment as World Heritage. We knew little more about Medina Azahara, but how little we knew it was an advanced city in its time at the gates of the great Córdoba. You can see tours and guided tours, recommended, in the following link:

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We hired untour with a guided tour, since the visit without a guide we totally advise against it, since it is the same to see the complex and imagine the magnitude it had, to see a lot of ruins and restorations that unless you are an expert, you would not understand and even I could get to let you down in a hot afternoon like the ones that appear in Córdoba.

Medina Azahara
Medina Azahara

The guide told us that it wasn't until the 19th century that Medina Azahara, also called Madinat al-Zahra, they did not discover their royal enclave until that century, but they knew about the existence of the ruins of an Arab city but did not know its name.

Medina Azahara
Medina Azahara - Portico

In the tenth century the construction of the city began for residential and administrative use, although it was a scenario where the real power of caliph. The city was accessed by a imposing door of eight large arches full of soldiers. It was full of alleyways and beautiful gardens and a large mosque of which there is little left these days.

Medina Azahara
Medina Azahara

Nowadays places stand out such as the porch or the entrance door, the hall of Abd al-Rahman III, the upper basilica (the most spectacular), the central pavilion and the garden of the cruise.

Practical data

Before leaving for Córdoba

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How to get?

By car

Take the road CO-3414 until the indication of Madinat al-Zahra.

By public transport

There is a tourist bus that leaves Córdoba from Tuesday to Sunday at 11:00 and in the afternoon, at 16:30, from Tuesday to Saturday during the summer. It is next to the exit from Avenida Alcazar, on the side of the river where Alcazar itself is located. It leaves for € 8.50 round trip. Book at the tourist office.

Eating in Córdoba

Typical dishes

A visit to Córdoba always has to satisfy the stomach. Typical avocados like the flamingo, white garlic or salmorejo can never be missing. Don't stop trying them.

Recommended restaurants

We leave several of the restaurants that most caught our attention, in more than one we even repeated :).

  • Victory Market. A new market with lots of tapas and even eat a good hamburger.
  • La Flamenka. We repeat twice, imagine why ...
  • The River Tavern, not far from Plaza del Potro
  • Ribera Sojo, next to river, a good place to take a Gin Tonic

Where to sleep in Córdoba?

  • NH Córdoba Guadalquivir. It has a spectacular summer terrace, with views of the river and the Roman Bridge of the best in Córdoba
  • Something different apartments. They have several apartments in the center and very well equipped
  • Soho Boutique Cappuccinos. Impressive, without words, of the most spectacular of Córdoba