What to visit in Alentejo, Portugal (Route by car in a week)

If you have a week, this is your 7 day route in Alentejo, Portugal, a region that will allow you to know the Portugal more rural and the prettiest beaches from the Portuguese coast. It is a car route where medieval cities, charming villages, sports like the trekking or nautical activities They have room, but beware, these are just some things you can do inside the Alentejo, apart from its long and endless beaches and some hotels, buuff, that you may not want to leave them.

7 days in Alentejo

Starting from Lisbon or from Spain

That's right, the advantage of visiting Alentejo is that you can meet it starting from multiple places. From Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, renting a car (Rentalcars usually have the best prices), or from Spain in your own car, since Madrid is just under 4 hours or just 30 minutes from Badajoz.

Alentejo is characterized by being the most unpopulated region of Portugal, an area the size of Galicia but with less than one million inhabitants, one last. Therefore, Alentejo is synonymous with tranquility, especially in the rural interior, where it hides really interesting places.


Instead on the coast of the Alentejo the thing changes, since in summer it is when it is in all its splendor, with much more tourism, but outside July and August, it is as quiet as the interior. No wonder, since the beaches are spectacular, yes, they are so big that even in high season you can feel alone.

Carvalhal Beach

Our route starts from Elvas, just 27 minutes from Badajoz or 2 hours from Lisbon. The route that we obviously made each one can change in their own way, since depending on the day you can dedicate more to see things or simply enjoy the hotel or the pool in summer. Everything depends on how restless you are, something that I advance goes in our DNA :).

Kilometers, roads, weather and stuff ...

The feeling we got at the end of the trip was that of… that few kilometers, no?. They did not reach 1,000km in 7 days, so no two fuel tanks from our Renault Clio rental. Apart from that, except for the stretch of Lisbon or Elvás, we practically do not touch the highway. Almost everything in Alentejo is about county roads where you don't see a soul.

Both times we have been able to verify how different the weather At each station. In summer, hot weather and the landscape quite dry, but not as much as in the interior of Spain. On the other hand, outside the summer, the landscape turns green and appears (in summer sometimes) strong thermal amplitude, with pleasant temperatures during the day and very cold at night.


Finally, our trip was based on two premises. Get to know the interior well and finish the last 3 on the coastline resting on its long and lonely beaches ... Ideal, right ?.

Travel budget

Portugal is a country that fits any budget. It remains a cheap country, much more than Spain, so you can access other types of hotels that perhaps your portfolio would not allow in Spain. In any case, we leave you our budget, based on medium-high-cut hotels, although like everything else, you can always opt for much cheaper hotels.

  • Car 7-day rental: € 180
  • Gasoline: 80€
  • Hotels 7 days (average price € 100): € 700
    • For less than € 300 without problem
  •  Restaurants and meals (for 2 people): € 300
    • If you choose apartments or hotels with kitchens, much cheaper!
  • Tours (boat route, visits to wineries, etc ...): € 100
  • Flights to Lisbon (2 people): € 220
  • Total trip for two people in TOP hotels: 1.580€
  • Total trip for two people in cheaper hotels: € 1,180 (may be less in apartments)

Like everything, this was our budget, but each one has his whims, his wallet and his way of traveling, but at least you can get an idea.

7-day car route in Alentejo

Travel map

Interior of the Alentejo

  • Elvas and Juromenh
  • Castelo de Terena
  • Evora
  • Monsaraz
  • Corval
  • Alqueva Lake
  • Carmim Wineries
  • Mourao
  • Natureza Park of Noudar

Coast of the Alentejo

  • Troy
  • Behaves
  • Carvahal

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Day 1 and 2 Evora, Elvas and surroundings

We arrived in Portugal by plane to Lisbon, where we rented a car to start our 7-day route in Alentejo. We leave for Evora, an hour and a half from the capital, chosen as a base camp because it is the most beautiful walled city of the region and for being near places like Elvas, Joromenh or the Castelo de Terena. To sleep we chose the hotel Vila Galé Évora, a modern hotel with very spacious rooms. Also with indoor and outdoor pool, something that comes in handy after long car trips.


Elvas stands out for its proximity to Badajoz and for having places such as the fort of Our Lady of Grace or the Elvas Castle. In an hour or two it is easy to see and from there it is easy to reach Juromenh, a small medieval town.

Castelo de Terena (Hiking)

We made a hiking route 4 hours long and 15 km from Castelo de Terena. The route runs between oak and cork oak fields. It is very worth doing it in spring, which is when everything is very green and the fields are filled with white flowers.

Castelo de Terena


Some time ago we talked on the blog about what to see in Evora, and on our second trip through Alentejo we decided to see her again since she captivated us. It is an ideal city to walk around, observe its churches and its huge wall. In summer it is filled with terraces, becoming one of the liveliest cities in this part of the Alentejo.

Praca do Giraldo

Day 3 and 4 Monsaraz and surroundings

This area of ​​the Alentejo goes a long way, since having a lake like Alqueva gives a lot of play. We stayed next to Monsaraz in the hotel Horta do Moura, a hotel with a spectacular swimming pool and rooms that live up to the best hotels in the area.


This town is possibly the prettiest in the Alentejo. It is located in a privileged place, on a mountain overlooking Lake Alqueva. Its position, somewhat defensive, is because of its proximity to Spain. The town houses are all white and car driving is not allowed. It is convenient to visit the House of the Inquisition, the castle, the church (Igreja de Nª Srª da Lagoa) and some of its good restaurants, such as that of the Templarios.


The castle has excellent views of the entire town, being at the highest point. In it you can see a bullring inside, a square where originally it was where the garrison was and the soldiers of the castle.

The sunset from the Xarez restaurant is worth it 🙂

Ceramics in Corval

Corval is a town dedicated to ceramics. On the way to the wineries of Carmim we stopped along the way in Olaria O Patalim Lda, where you can see live (and free) how they treat pottery and even buy all kinds of things made by hand.


Visit to Carmim Wineries

Booking with time it is possible to visit the most important winery of the Alentejo, Carmim laboratory. For an hour you can know the whole process and taste the wines so rich that they have this part of the Alentejo.


This town has a beautiful castle and some Very nice views of Lake Alqueva. We from the castle made a hiking route of something less than 7km. Very easy and really beautiful roads, where vegetation and shade are protagonists by the lake, as part of the trails surround it.

Alentejo - Mourao

Alqueva lake or reservoir

The lake is one of the treasures of the region. It is a navigable lake, where you can rent a boat (you don't need PER) and navigate freely. All boats are equipped with beds and kitchen, so the adventure is more than assured. Besides, besides being able to rent a boat or boat of these characteristics there are also Beaches and others watersports, so it is a most complete lake.

Alqueva Lake
Alqueva Lake

Day 5 Getaway to a unique place

Left behind Monsaraz and Lake Alqueva, we went to sleep at a unique rural accommodation, the house located in the Natureza Park of Noudar, an almost inaccessible place (accessed after traveling 10km on a dirt road) where you can find a lost castle and a forest surrounded by two rivers full of wildlife. An ideal place for hiking or running routes.

Natureza Park of Noudar

When we left this place, a little reluctantly since we would have been more days, we stopped at Ravines, where is Casa do Proco Preto, an ideal place to buy quality ham and sausages.

Day 6 and 7 Coastline in Alentejo

We leave the interior to follow our 7-day route in Alentejo but this time on the coast, on the coast. We were looking for beaches, and we found them by far, since this area of ​​Portugal is famous for hosting several of the longest beaches in the country, some with more than 10km. We stayed in a spectacular pinewood, since this area of ​​the Alentejo is very wooded and it is possible to stay in the countryside and in quiet places to less than 10 minutes from the beach. The choice was the Eco Lodge Cocoon, one pass and we were amazed.

Troy and Behavior

This area for what we intuit is one of the more tourist from the Alentejo coast. The Troia peninsula caught our attention since we saw it on Google Maps. With those long beaches and a nature reserve that borders the city and the shipyards of Setúbal. Comporta is a small town where there is little to see and Troía is a succession of hotels and resorts that culminate at the end in a casino and a tourist jetty where there are many excursions to see dolphins or see the reserve. The best in this area are the beaches that overlook the Atlantic, since those that overlook the reserve are not usually sandy and access is very restricted.

Comporta Beach


Carvahal beach, south of Comporta beach, was the beach we had closest to the hotel. In the background, although on this side of the Alentejo coast there are many beaches, they are all the same and only change their name depending on the closest town they have. Here we saw several fabulous sunsets, something you had to see at least once. The bad thing was that our 7 days in Alentejo ended. Everything has an end :).

Cocoon Eco Lodge
Carvalhal Beach

Practical data

Before leaving for Portugal

  • Search and compare flights at the best price
  • Lonely Planet Guide
  • Airport Transfers
  • Car rental found a 15% discount
  • The best excursions in the area

Hotels in Alentejo

We recommend that you read our article that talks about several of the best quality-price hotels in the Alentejo. They are incredible!.

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