What to see in Cádiz in one or two days (Places to visit)


There are so many things to do and what to see in Cádiz in a day or two days that every traveler who visits always stays with the desire to return. Be to stroll through the cheerful squares, go to the carnival, its quiet cobbled streets, for its beautiful urban beaches or just to go from tapas and discover the night of this cheerful and cosmopolitan city, one always has the desire to return to Cádiz.

Many call it Spanish Havana, perhaps because of its promenade or boardwalk as they call it across the Atlantic. But what really characterizes this city is its history, a city that has lived on the sea and commerce, port of departure of the great discoverers, including Christopher Columbus, Cádiz was also the headquarters of the first constitution of Spain and place of numerous naval battles.

What to see in Cádiz (in one or two days)

A city that changes over the years

Cádiz has changed a lot throughout its history. The Phoenicians, the Romans, the Arabs, all have passed through this city because it is an important strategic enclave. His decline came in the wake of the War of Independence and, above all, for the loss of Cuba. To this day Cádiz has gained prominence in the face of tourism and as a vacation spot, but it has lost all economic prominence at the national level unlike one or two centuries ago.


A city to meet her walking

In recent years Cádiz has turned a little more to tourism and its clear university vocation, something that gives the city a lot of life. It is not difficult to find crowded terraces and tapas places. It is a delight to get carried away by its narrow streets and look up and discover those balconies with such Andalusian charm, as well as the portals that hide inside courtyards or interiors that you do not expect. It is worth approaching places like the Tavira Tower, where you can see all the rooftops of Cádiz and thus start a visit from the top.

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7 places you have to visit in Cádiz

Our tour

This tour can be done perfectly in one day, although if you want to enjoy the beaches, especially in summer, it is best to book one more day unless you are going to take photographs exclusively. We did everything on foot, from north to south and crossing part of the promenade. A good hike that is well worth it.

  1. Plaza de España (Monument of the constitution of 1812)
  2. Tavira Tower
  3. Flower Market and Square
  4. Cádiz Cathedral
  5. Cádiz Beaches
  6. Santa Catalina Castle
  7. Genovés Park

Map of Cádiz Cádiz
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1 Plaza of Spain

The Plaza de España was the starting point of our trip. We parked as we could the SIXT rental car, since everything is a blue zone and luckily with the parking app you can renew if you see that you arrive at the deadline. We walked around the square and admired the monument of the constitution of 1812. It imposes a lot on its height, but what most caught our attention was to read a little history about it, since although it seems nowadays something easy to have a constitution, this was not an easy thing.

Cadiz - Spain Square

2 The Tavira Tower

The Tavira Tower hides the best views and the best panoramic from all over the city. In addition, it hides a small "secret", a dark chamber, where a guide as much as a salt shaker tells you what happens in each lash of the city. When they tend clothes, at what time do they sunbathe, what boats pass and multiple stories of heights from the city of Cádiz.

Cádiz from the Tavira Tower
Cádiz from the Tavira Tower

3 Market and Flower Square

From the Tavira Tower we can see the market, almost below the tower. The market except the external structure is seen modern, not ceasing to be one more market. Next to him, the square of flowers, so colorful as always and smaller than we think. The good thing about Cádiz is its size, and from there we walk through narrow alleys until we reach the Cathedral.

Cadiz - Market
Cadiz - Flower Square

4 Cathedral of Cádiz

It is certainly a TO-DO of the things to see in Cádiz. We always fell in love with the photographs of the Cathedral of Cádiz from the seafront. They always transmitted us an image in the style of colonial cities of America. Same architecture and almost identical views. What we did not know was that you could visit us only inside, if not you can climb to the top to have some nice views of the sea and of the city, something that we recommend if you walk through Cádiz.

Views from the Cathedral of Cadiz
Cadiz Cathedral

5 Beaches of Cádiz

Being honest we couldn't taste them, but we were looking forward to it. The beaches of Conil were waiting for us and for not making them an ugly one :), we looked at those of Cádiz and photographed them. Of course, it was a tremendous heat, imagine ... By the way, the classic beaches of the city are that of the Coves, Maria del Mar and the Cut, further south.


6 Santa Catalina Castle

Like the promenade, the Castle of Santa Catalina reminded us of ancient fortifications of Puerto Rico or Cuba, always with the cannons or the guard posts towards the sea and with a chapel or church always within the fortification. It was like a time travel or a trip across the Atlantic. Highly recommended!

Santa Catalina Castle
Santa Catalina Castle

7 Genovés Park

Our last visit of the things to see in Cádiz was in the Genovés Park, a small Botanical Garden With species from all over the world. The birds camp at ease and it is a good space to read or walk quietly. It also has a beautiful artificial waterfall next to the Parador de Cádiz.

Genovés Park
Genovés Park

Practical data

Before leaving for Cádiz

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  • The best excursions in the area

3 unsurpassed value hotels

  1. Hotel house of the 4 towers. In the center and with exquisite decoration. A lujazo not so expensive!
  2. Apartment the jewel of the cove. Next to the beach, can you ask for more?
  3. The Shipowner House Palace. Near the beach and with an exceptional interior patio

Cádiz by rental car

We toured Cádiz, the coast and the white villages with the rental car company SIXT. They have the most modern fleet in the area, very competitive prices and very good service. Everything was perfect, so we recommend it.

White villages of Cádiz