Coves of northern Menorca (Map and tips)

The coves of northern Menorca sometimes overshadowed by its southern neighbors have begun to be the protagonists in this idyllic Balearic island. He tourism increase, beauty and its solitude has placed them for many as their favorite coves in Menorca.

In the days we were on the island, high season, the northern coves were the ones that gave us the most satisfaction. Among its wildest side, being very different from those in the south, somewhat more isolated and, above all, havingless tourist pressure He made us taste good. Those of the south may have a more heavenly style, but in high season they lose their charm and those of the north win them on all sides.

Coves of northern Menorca

Wind and less tourist pressure

Lascalas in northern Menorca are famous for having less tourist pressure and for being much more windswept than those in the south. In addition, the north of Menorca has much less presence of hotels and that makes tourism mainly concentrated in the coves or beaches of the south. The only way to access them is by walking long journeys, sometimes more than 30 or 45 minutes, and always arriving by car. Renting a car in Menorca is something not only necessary, but indispensable to enjoy and tour the island.

4 coves of the north that you have to visit

In the north there are coves of all kinds. From the classic sand, but not white like those in the south, to stone where the crystalline water melts between small pools. Of all the varieties of the north there are four that stand out over those of the rest.

1 Cala Morrell

By chance we met this cove when staying at the Hotel Biniatram Agroturisme, a beautiful rural accommodation north of Ciutadella. Cala Morrell is not a cove to use, since it is located within a small port. It is a place known by the locals, since it is not usually frequented by tourists.

Cala Morrell
Cala Morrell

In Cala Morrell there is hardly any place to put the towel. There is a concrete overhang space where people jump into the sea to snorkel or swim. The views and tranquility of this place make them among the northern coves that we remember, and like everything else, if it remains it will be for something.

2 Cala Pregonda

For many it is peculiar garnet shades cove It is the most spectacular cove in all of Menorca. We agree with this statement, since it is a most complete cove.

Before accessing it there are two coves, one of sand and one of small stones. In the background is Cala Pregonda, with a tiny is in the middle for snorkeling. Simply spectacular to swim to her.

Pregonda Creek
Pregonda Creek

There are two distinct areas in the cove. The one at the entrance to the right, where there are several pools and is the best place to practice snorkeling, and another one in the background. In the latter there is a long beach of red sand overlooking the island.

It is convenient to arrive soon or after eating. It has ample parking, but if you do not want to walk much it is better to park right at the end

3 Cala Tortuga

Not far from the Favaritx Lighthouse is Cala Tortuga. In this corner of the island are the best coves in northern Menorca. One of them is Tortuga, only accessible by walking after 30 minutes along a long path.

Turtle Creek
Turtle Creek

Cala Tortuga has two small beaches next to a sea of ​​crystalline waters. In certain areas you can walk several tens of meters and the water will only reach your knees. A paradise cove without a doubt.

Being away from the parking lot you should bring water and food, since there is nothing around the area

4 Cala en Brut

To the north of Citadel We have this gift for the eyes. A long arm that enters the island of a turquoise color worthy of places like the Cook Islands or the Fiji Islands.

Creek in Brut
Creek in Brut

It is a playful cove, without sand or large spaces to lie down. It is a cove to jump from its sides, to enjoy it and to snorkel. It was the last cove we were in Menorca, and I think so, we enjoyed it well.

The road leaves you next to the cove, where it is easy to park

Practical data

Menorca coves map

Coves Menorca

Hotels in the north of Menorca

  • Hotel Biniatram Agroturisme. It was our choice and it certainly exceeded our expectations.
  • Agroturismo Son Vives Menorca. In the center of the island and in a place close to everything.
  • Agroturismo San Torre Blanca. Rural tourism north of Menorca.
  • Aparthotel Beach Club. With sea views in a unique enclave.

Rent a car in Menorca

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