The Cigales wine route (the best rosés in Spain)

We have always been struck by any route where wine is the protagonist, but there are few in which the pink wine call so much attention. We talk about the Cigales wine route, a wine route located between the provinces of Palencia and Valladolid, and not far from the well-known Ribera del Duero. But do not let it cloud you only in wine, on this route you can also do other activities aimed at family or friends.

The Cigales wine route

For lovers of good wine

Beyond other well-known areas such as Rioja or Ribera del Duero, there are other wine areas that offer good gastronomic experiences and a multitude of activities to enjoy a few days with the couple, between friends or family. In Spain maybe the pink wine Do not attract as much attention as abroad, but after trying a good Cigales this perception can change you.

Cigales wine route

You can visit their wineries, with prior reservation, and taste their wines. Currently about 50% of its production is destined for rosé wine, of great acceptance in the United States or Europe, and the rest among new red wines capable of competing from you to you with the Ribera del Duero or whites, Verdejo type, as in Wheel. In the background, today, you can find an excellent wine anywhere in the peninsula.

For those looking for new experiences

But the Cigales route does not stick exclusively to wine. This area between Valladolid and Palencia is rich in landscapes, such as the Castilla Channel or the Cabezón del Pisuerga. Also, especially at the level of cultural heritage, there are several monasteries open to the public, two castles like Fuensaldaña and Trigueros del Valle and large churches, in addition to the great city that is Valladolid, just 20 minutes from the town of Cigales.

Next to the Cabezón del Pisuerga

The Cigales area can also be a good option to go with your family. It is possible to do many family activities, such as visiting a farm School where cows, pigs, mares, cats or dogs live in harmony, tour beautiful villages like Dueñas, Cigales or Valoria la Buena.

Owners from the caves

10 experiences on the Cigales wine route

A long weekend it is enough to be able to cross the main points of interest of the Cigales route. We propose ten, and not only that, several wineries to enjoy a good Cigales.

Cigales Route

1 The Farm School of the Age of the King

It is one of the activities par excellence in the area and ideal to go with children. There it is possible to see all kinds of animals, such as cows, pigs, sheep, cats, dogs, hedgehogs, horses or turtles. Children can meet the Conchita cow, the pig Amador and know what a farm is like up close and experience what the rural way of life is like. An experience!.

Farm School Age of the King
Farm School Age of the King

2 Be a beekeeper for a day

One of the experiences of the Cigales wine route is the honey tasting or the possibility of "being" a beekeeper during one morning. You can go inside a hive or perform the typical tasks of a traditional beekeeper without any risk. You can live this experience with the people of Honey Montes de Valveni, responsible for having the best honey in Spain and Portugal in 2016 (lavender honey) and the best flower honey in Spain. With a honey like that, say goodbye to sugar :).

Honey tasting

More information in: Honey Montes de Valveni

3 Wine Cathedral (Church of Santiago de Cigales)

The guide Jesus showed us one of the jewels of the area, the so-called wine cathedral. This church, visible miles away, has memories and historical features of a very distant country, Mexico. You just have to see the entrance and one of the murals at the bottom of the church. In it you can see colors that can only be seen in churches on the other side of the Atlantic. All this is due to the bishop Fray Antonio Mayor and Barriga, who contributed in the 18th century to finish the local church by sending gold from Mexico.

Wine cathedral
Wine cathedral

4 El Cabezón del Pisuerga

The Cabezón del Pisuerga is a beautiful viewpoint where it is possible to see roe deer among pine trees. A guide from the area called Justino showed us the area through a path overlooking the banks of the Pisuerga. A 30-minute walk or one hour is enough to get close to the viewpoints and see all of Valladolid from the top. The best time to visit it is autumn or spring.

Next to the Cabezón del Pisuerga

5 Monastery Santa María de Palazuelos

Recently part of the Monastery of Santa María de Palazuelos has been restored, next to the Pisuerga River. His attention is drawn to beautiful paintings behind the altar, its height and the inscriptions next to the sarcophagi. It is a monastery that hides curious stories, like the one that should have had an object found in one of the tombs inside, a vase from China when the tomb was from the 16th century.

Santa María de Palazuelos Monastery
Santa María de Palazuelos Monastery

6 Monastery of San Isidro de Dueñas

Located between the Pisuerga and Carrión rivers, it has a Romanesque facade and several defensive towers. Currently there are twelve cloistered monks, so it is not accessible. The truth is that one can stay, but in the field of a retirement lodge and in silence, so we cannot call it a hotel.

Currently many people approach the monastery at buy milk and cheese, highly valued in the area. By the way, right in front is the chocolate factory Trapa, with an ideal cafeteria to buy and taste homemade chocolate.

Monastery of San Isidro de Dueñas

7 Cantaro Museum

In Value the Good There is a somewhat original museum. You may not call too much attention for the content it hosts, but if you spend a little time and listen to its history, you will take a good memory. This museum is thanks to two pottery enthusiasts who have been collected pitchers from all over Spain.

Cantabrian Museum
Cantabrian Museum

Spain, which is still a country that is too big, there have always been large differences due to the hundreds of invasions that the Iberian Peninsula has suffered, and the pitchers are a reflection of these invasions and therefore of the customs that we have been inheriting. Shapes capricious or simply the colors They are signs that mark different origins. Andalusia, Basque Country, Castile, Canary Islands ... Who would say that the pitchers are so different in these autonomous communities. Very curious!.

8 The wineries and Caves of Dueñas

Excavated by the hand of man, these caves are the historical hallmark of the town of Owners. Dueñas caves throughout the centuries have been the humble home of vine workers and their families. In these caves they lived, worked the grapes and even baked bread at a time when the cold was camping hard in Castile.

Owners from the caves

Today many of them remain intact and many others have collapsed. Those that are visited hide rewarding gifts for those who go crazy with history. There are caves that are just like they lived 100 years ago, with furniture and souvenirs from other times. Others, instead, intended for winemaking, are a real medieval museum. Dueñas is a jewel, no doubt.

Interior of the Dueñas caves
Interior of the Dueñas caves

More information and visits in: [email protected]

9 The murals of Mucientes

In the town of Mucientes there are 12 huge murals painted by Manolo Sierra Álvarez that do not go unnoticed if you walk through its streets. They have given a certain color to the people because of the vividness of the colors that the artist has conceived and because they know how to combine birds and wine as the main protagonist.

Muurales murals

10 Warehouse and classroom of interpretation in Mucientes

In Mucientes, next to one of the murals, is the winery and interpretation room of the area. You can enter and know a beautiful 16th century winery in its Guided visits.

For a few 45 minutes visitors can learn about the winemaking processes, their history and the tools that were used then.

Winery and interpretation room in Mucientes
Winery and interpretation room in Mucientes

Wineries that you can see on the route

In the area of ​​the Ruta del Cigales you can meet wineries like the Villar Fruit Winery wave Sinforiano Vaquero Winery. The latter has about 70 hectares and produces 80% rosé in them, the wine that has given the region fame. There you can do tastings and visit the vineyards (previous reservation).

Sinforiano Wineries
Sinforiano Winery
    More information in:

    • Villar Fruit Winery. Telephone: 983 58 68 68
    • Sinforiano Vaquero Winery. Telephone: 983 66 30 08

Practical data

How to get?

The town of Cigales is located in the province of Valladolid, just over 13km away. From Valladolid, take the A-62 and then turn off to the VA-VP-4401 county road.

Where to eat?

Without a doubt, Valladolid is one of the provinces that eats the best in Spain, and thanks to this it is the gastronomy and the good food that is in the wineries of the area. Here are our recommendations, recommendations that will not disappoint you.

Bodegón el Cierbo (Cabezon de Pisuerga)

A spectacular restaurant-cellar somewhat different in the area, since it combines a classic Fusion with modern cuisine. For us, one of the best in the area. See on Google Maps.

Still Life el Cierbo

Clandestine Gastrobar (Cigales)

Modern restaurant and great place to go for drinks. Rations and salads generous and very, very rich. Somewhat different in the area and outside the traditional cut of the lamb or the lamb. Try the Maruja croquettes (black pudding)!See in Google Maps.

Gastrobar clandestine

Bodega la Cueva (Mucientes)

This restaurant located in an old underground cellar is a real museum. I advise you to book, eat and admire every corner of this place. Of the three we recommend is that of more traditional cut, the one that visitors like most.See in Google Maps.

La Cueva Winery

Where to sleep?

Posada Real Council Hospedería

In Value the Good there is a beautiful rural hotel where it still retains part of a tribute tower. It is as if it were a Parador, with a lot of class and style. See hotel in Booking.

Posada Real Council Hospedería

Camino Real Hotel

It is a modern hotel not far from the town and Dueñas.Perfecto for those who do not stay long in the hotel and are all day long. See hotel on Booking.