What to see in Valladolid (Guide, monuments and tapas)


On the way to Las Médulas, in Leon, we stopped along the way to spend a night and a day in the heart of Castilla y León. We were not sure what to see in Valladolid, we did not carry a guide, but wonders had always spoken to us. We arrived by car, although from Madrid there is a perfect communication with the AVE, but a trip to the north of Spain that goes by visiting different provincial capitals is best enjoyed by making your little roadtrip.

Valladolid - Plaza Mayor at night

Upon arrival we discovered that Valladolid is an excellent city to discover her walking, although we could see that a bicycle service similar to the one in Madrid or Barcelona was recently launched. I do not know its use, but between the somewhat cold winters in Valladolid and the lack of dedicated lanes in the center, we did not see many people riding a bicycle. Anyway, for the size that Valladolid is, it is appreciated to enjoy walking.


If you decide to walk, with a map or with any explanation of maps it is easy to orient yourself through the city. The green dot of the Campo Grande, the Pisuerga river or the Plaza Mayor are good references to get your bearings.

Valladolid - Campo Grande

The good thing about this city is that as you walk you realize that the things to see in Valladolid are not only based on monuments or museums, but also on your own gastronomy. Let's not forget that Valladolid is next to the Ribera del Duero, famous for its wines and good food, so the tapas bars associated with wine or ham are the order of the day. But before seeing its tapas bars, let's see what to see in Valladolid.

Monuments and recommended places

Valladolid is not an excessively large city, rather it is little if we focus exclusively on the old part, so in half a day it is possible to see the main points of interest of the city. the good thing, all these points are located on the east bank of the Pisuerga, or what is the same, on the right if you have a map of the city.

These would be our selection of Valladolid:

  • Campo Grande, the lung and main city park
  • Main Square
  • Valladolid Cathedral
  • St. Paul's Church
  • Santiago church
  • Church of the Monastery of San Benito
  • National Sculpture Museum
  • Stroll along Santiago Street and through the arcades of Cebadería Street

Valladolid Map

What to see in Valladolid (our particular guide)

The following monuments and museums that come next you can see them in a quiet morning, since most are around the Plaza Mayor. We get up at 8 in the morning andwe had breakfast quietly next to the Campo Grande, in a cafeteria between Santiago Street and Miguel Iscár Street, almost on the Zorrilla Square, and we ended up seeing everything around 2 pm, a perfect morning that I then ended up in a tapas route. How we liked Valladolid!

Valladolid - National Sculpture Museum

Tour of Valladolid

We start by visiting the Campo Grande and then depart towards the Main Square by Santiago Street. From the Plaza Mayor we access the Cebadería Street then go to the Cathedral of Valladolid by the Descent of Freedom. For the view these streets with their balconies is wonderful. Once in the Cathedral you can see the Church of Santa Maria de la Antigua and subsequently following the Angustias Street you can access the Church of San Pablo and the National Sculpture Museum. Except in the Plaza Mayor, a small section of the Cathedral and another in the National Museum, there are practically no pedestrian streets, but still walking the city on foot is easy and traffic is hardly annoying. There are many things to see in Valladolid, but the main ones are detailed below.

Valladolid - Cebadería Street

1 Large Field

The triangular shape is the park par excellence of Valladolid, the so-called Campo Grande, and to know its origin you have to go back to 1785, date on which this green space was surrounded by theSidewalk of Recoletos and the squares of Zorrilla and of Colon.

They had already warned us that today it was not only an ideal space for reading or walking, as it is also possible to enjoy the strong poultry population that lives there. In the Campo Grande you can see great birdhouses and spectacular Peacocks They roam freely in the park. It is a delight to see the birds as it extends its tail in the mating and courtship rituals, as if the tourists or the neighbors of the city did not go with them.

Big field

2 Plaza Mayor

If the Campo Grande was the lung of the city, the Plaza Mayor is the heart of its historic center. It is one of the largest squares in Spain and we highlight the arcade with granite columns, the clock tower and the balconies surrounding the square.

At the end of the 20th century, which is not far from us, the original color of the facades surrounding the square was recovered, turning red giving a more vivid tone to this corner of Valladolid.

Under it there is a huge parking Ideal to leave the car if you come from outside.

Valladolid - Plaza Mayor

3 Valladolid Cathedral

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption was conceived in the 16th century thanks to Philip II. It was designed by one of the teachers of that time, Juan de Herrera, who wanted to build the largest cathedral in Europe, but due to the expenses, the ground and the bad foundation, not even half of the work was built, something very visible in the back of the cathedral.

Valladolid - Valladolid Cathedral

4 Church of Santa María de la Antigua

Just behind the cathedral is the Church of Santa María de la Antigua, which next to a flowery garden leaves us one of the most beautiful prints of Valladolid. It is accessed by leaving the cathedral on the right by a pedestrian path next to the Portugalete Square.

Valladolid - Church of Santa María de la Antigua

5 St. Paul's Church

Next to the National Sculpture Museum and the old Jose Zorrilla's house The majestic portal of the Church of San Pablo appears, one of the most important temples in Valladolid. Kings like Felice II or Philip IV were baptized in this church, since in the 17th century the Royal Palace, next to her, was inhabited by such illustrious when it was the seat of the courts.

Valladolid - Church of San Pablo

6 National Sculpture Museum and the Palace of the Marquis de Villena

Initially we did not plan to go to any museum in Valladolid, but if a palace, such as that of the Marquis de Villena houses one, why not visit it? In the end we loved it, especially the wood carved figures, something that describes with greatness what the hand of man is capable of doing. Impress the level of detail of any of them.

Valladolid - National Sculpture Museum
National Sculpture Museum

7 Church of the Monastery of San Benito

Although today it differs greatly from what it came to be, this church is one of the oldest in the city. Since its construction it has undergone various transformations of which the bell towers superiors who were demolished in the nineteenth century for fear that they would collapse.

8 Stroll along Santiago Street and through the porches of Cebadería Street

They are two of the most beautiful streets in the city of Valladolid. Both are next to the Plaza Mayor, and even if you want to avoid them, sooner or later you will go through them. The street Santiago It is a pedestrian lane and one of the most city ​​commercials, ideal for shopping. The street Fattening instead it shines for its coffee shops and for the columns that give life to those characteristic arcades of the city.

Valladolid - Cebadería Street

Tapas bars in Valladolid

Valladolid is a great city to go for tapas. They are made with care, since good Valladolid people do not eat well, do not repeat, and in a city that is not too big, good and bad things are known quickly, not like in Madrid, that sometimes bad tapas last a few years ...

  • Tino House. The best fried eggs in all of Valladolid and perhaps Spain
  • Creole. Stuffed mushrooms and mushrooms first
  • Cork. A classic of those who never fail
  • Sepia. The name says it all.
  • The Zagales. Be sure to try the classic Tigretostón
  • Jero Bar.
  • House of Volapié. Huelva and toast specialties.
  • Red wine.
  • Sarmiento Ham Bar. The portions of ham are spectacular as well as the wine selection

Practical data

How to get?

If you come from Madrid you can take the A6 towards La Coruña. From the capital of Spain is just over 2h. Conversely, from La Coruña is at 4h.

A good option also to go to Valladolid is to use the train or thebird, since the station is next to Campo Grande, one of the main points of the city.

Where to park if you come by car?

One of the The most central parking is the one under Plaza Mayor, but neither is it the cheapest. Instead if you are looking for a free space across the river Pisuerga will always be one of the best options.

Activities guided by Valladolid

From night tours, guided tours or even balloon rides. We leave you a link so you can book any tour in Valladolid.

 Worthwhile tours in Valladolid

Where to sleep?

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  • Walnut Hotel. In the absence of a good reform, the price comes first. From € 40

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