London tourist route (Classic places on your first visit)

London is a city that gives for several days, but when it is your first visit what you can not miss is the tourist route along the Most classic London, a London that everyone wants to know if they visit the capital of the United Kingdom.

A route through classic London must have places that we simply recognize with its name and that we will have heard in a thousand and one stories. We talk about places like Trafalgar Square, he Big ben or the Buckingham Palace among others. Without them London would be decaffeinated, and a visit to London without knowing these places would be like having visited another city.

Tourist route through the most classic London

This tour goes from the north south, a tour that can be done in one day, long yes, but with the exception of the British Museum, a museum that needs time, dedication and therefore hours. Go through important points such as:

  1. British Museum
  2. Covent Garden
  3. Picadilly Circus
  4. Trafalgar Square
  5. 10 Downing Street
  6. Buckingham Palace
  7. Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster
  8. Tower of London

London walking tour

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1 British Museum

For many one of the best museums in the world and for others a museum of British plunder, the truth is that both things are possibly true. The museum is magnificent, one of the best without a doubt, but it is also an example of how the British not only safeguarded the history of mankind but also how they plundered pieces from places as remote to Britain as Egypt or Greece.

The best museums in London - British Museum

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2 Covent Garden and the Royal Opera House

Covent Garden is famous both for its market full of shops, street performers and for being the London's main theaters, where some of the most famous musicals in the world are represented. It is a very lively area and ideal for walking, especially where the market.

Covent Garden
Covent Garden

3 Picadilly Circus

Strolling from Convent Garden you reach Piccadilly Circus, one of the busiest squares in all of London. It is also a hangout for many tourists and Londoners, something that always makes it crowded. It is not a particularly beautiful place, but as sure you have seen it many times on TV you will want to see it. Of course, it is a burden.

Picadilly Circus
Sale of show tickets

4 Trafalgar Square

It is one of the most beautiful squares in all of London and one of the largest. Next to her is the National Gallery, which is free, and statues like that of King George IV, General Sir Charles James Napier or General Sir Henry Havelock. But first of all, what many people come to see this square is the famousNelson's column, imposing and on the way down to Big Ben.

Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square

Is very beautiful sight from the stairs of the National Gallery down in the direction of Nelson's Column and from one of the fountains, below, towards the National Gallery.

5 Go down Whitehall towards 10 Downing Street

From Covent Garden you go down Whitehall to enter one of the most famous avenues in the city and one of the most important streets in the world, Downing Street, where the residence of the British Prime Minister. Also in this street, in the middle, is the famous changing of the guard and just behind this a passage that access St James Park, a beautiful park in the center of London.


Also next to the park is the Churchill War Rooms, a super interesting museum about WWII where you can see where it was telegraphed at that time and where much of the English high command was.

6 St James Park and Buckingham Palace

Although the journey from WhiteHall to Buckingham Palace requires us to return along the same path, the truth is that traveling through St James's Park along any of its trails is worth it. It is a beautiful walk, as if you were going through a forest, but with a story ending, Buckingham Palace.

St james park

7 Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster

If there is something that represents the British, that is undoubtedly Big Ben or the clock tower. It is one of the most photographed watches in the world and there is no postcard or end of the year where the british colors next to this famous tower. Most of the photographs are taken from the westminster bridge, always crowded, so sometimes you don't enjoy or contemplate as you should, but of course, when you're so famous ...

Big ben

8 Thames ride to the Tower of London

Crossing the Westminster Bridge, turn left in the direction London Eye, an imposing ferris wheel and one of the new icons of London. From here you can walk a long journey along the bank of the Thames towards the Tower bridge and the Tower of London. On the way you can see things like the Millenium Bridge or theHMS Belfast, a WWII ship.

London Eye
Tower bridge

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Tower of London

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London tourist map

London tourist map

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