Guanajuato a capital full of color (Places to visit)

The best of Guanajuato is perhaps its capital, a city that ended up conquering us. It is true that San Miguel de Allende dazzles you, but Guanajuato it has something special. It is a city full of color, a universe of hills that seem endless. Spanish air and verycolonial It brings together the best of two worlds and with a protagonist who watches over each door of Guanajuato, el Quijote.


The best of Guanajuato

When we left San Miguel de Allende we thought there would not be another beautiful city in the entire state of Guanajuato. But we arrived at its capital, born of the mining and famous for beating and hurting the hills that surround her for the coveted silver. No one in their right mind would build a city of these dimensions in a place like this. Guanajuato is to go through hidden neighborhoods between the mountains and slopes that challenge the physical state of any athlete.


Stroll through the streets of Guanajuato

Day or night, the best of Guanajuato has two very different faces. He day, with a light so explosive that "paints" the facades of the churches and fills the hills with bright colors. The small squares, each with its charms, lively, with music andsmall markets They give joy to this pleasant city. And when the night, the party arrives. The tuna or the student takes over the most romantic squares and alleys. They alone, with the only weapon of their classic songs, take tourists away to take them to the most beautiful corners. The night belongs to them and they trick the visitor through the alleys ending with a romantickiss. Simply, they know how to seduce.


The best of Guanajuato through small stories

It would be a shame to be in Mexico City and not spend a few days in this beautiful state. For many it passes by not having a name as recognized as Cancun or for not having the beaches of Puerto Vallarta. Guanajuato hides very different things, the Indoor Mexico and colonial Mexico.


If you walk through its streets you will feel splashed by thehistory. You will see the figure of Quixote everywhere, figure that is because mid twentieth century in several places in Guanajuato a tal Enrique Ruelas Espinosa it represented hors d'oeuvres of Cervantes, with the university students and the villagers as actors of those small plays. This show calmed in such a way in the town that the Cervantine world seized the town and in 1972 the International Cervantino Festival.

Let's see a selection of the best of Guanajuato Through little stories.

Collegiate Basilica of Our Lady of Guanajuato

Possibly it is the best of Guanajuato. Not only does it guard the city, but it hides the patron saint of the city. The king Carlos I and his son Philip II for the effort and the money that came from the mining prospecting they donated the famous virgin as recognition.

Collegiate Basilica of Our Lady of Guanajuato

Juarez Theater

They say that it is one of the most beautiful in Mexico and the truth, presence and beauty is not lacking. The Juarez Theater, built in the late nineteenth century, went through several stages before being more than a performance hall. In the seventeenth it was a convent, of which only ruins remain under its foundations. Then it became a decrepit hotel, ugly and ruinous. They didn't like it, so it was shot down. In the end what we know today as Juarez Theater, already at the end of the 19th century. As an anecdote, the theater took 6 years to open its doors, even now finished, just because a president, on a busy agenda, had to go to open it. Things of that time ...

Juarez Theater

Kiss alley

Legend has it that the daughter of a rich man fell in love with Carlos, a young man with few resources who was crazy about her. AtKiss alley Ana lived in front of a house that almost shared the same balcony. That house over time, Carlos his beloved, managed to rent it with much effort working in the mines of Guanajuato to be close to her. But Ana's father, who never approved the relationship, forced a tragic end for the couple On one of the nights when in love they greeted each other from the balcony an attack of the father's death ended with the death of Ana. The pain was so unbearable, that a few days later Carlos took his life in the mine, making this love story take over the entire city of Guanajuato

Kiss alley

Alhondiga de Granaditas

It is one of the places with more Mexico history, since it is one of the points where the independence of the Spanish crown. Riaño, in charge of the city of Guanajuato, ordered quartered in Granaditas, the largest winery in the city, seeing the city surrounded by more than 20,000 insurgent Indians. Defending the current Spanish crown, under Napoleonic domain, did not want to give up the square and shortly after the priest Hidalgo with the military Allende, Jiménez and Adama assaulted Guanajuato on behalf of the former king Fernando VII. The realistic soldiers could do little and the insurgents entered killing all the Spaniards including their families. All in the name of a king who no longer ruled.

Shortly after the tragedy turned against the winners, since the four were accused of a crime of high treason, so they beheaded andthey hung their heads for more than 10 years in the same building that committed those crimes. Today you can still see the bullet holes. The entrance costs 49 pesos plus 30 pesos for the camera. It is worth the Museum What's inside.

Alhondiga de Granaditas

The museum of LasMomias de Guanajuato

We cannot say that it is the best of Guanajuato, but it is worth going. Back in 1865, the first mummies of Guanajuato were found, when the city decided to dig up bodies to make room for the new “tenants”.

Gloomy, strange, hard to understand. This is the Museum of the Mummies of Guanajuato, a place that leaves no one indifferent. Do you dare to visit it? Ticket price 20 pesos.

Mummies of guanajuato

Silver mines

The silver mines they made the city of Guanajuato the main producer of this metal worldwide at the end of the 18th century. The Spaniards discovered them in the 16th century the so-called mother vein, which runs through the hills of Guanajuato, breaking them and forming hundreds of galleries to be able to extract this rich material. It should be noted that the Indians who worked in these mines did not live beyond the age of 30, due to the polluted air they breathed from the mines. All for a handful of coins.

We visit the Boca mine of San Cayetano. Entry 3 pesos, descending to more than 60 meters towards the depths of Guanajuato.

Silver mines

The viewpoint and the University

Finally there are two interesting points to know about Guanajuato. The college, with a long staircase, and the lookout, with the best views of the city.

University and the viewpoint

Shopping in Guanajuato

But in Guanajuato there are not only monuments or places to visit, there are plenty of crafts ready to seduce all kinds of tourists. You can buy from earrings, rings or necklaces, even Cervantes T-shirts and ceramic painted in bright colors. You can find from street stalls to shops next to the basilica. The best prices, in the street stalls.

Crafts in Guanajuato

Practical data

Where to sleep?

The hotel offer in Guanajuato is very large, but you have to be very careful when the Cervantino Festival is celebrated, since the city is normally complete. Here are a series of recommendations to stay:

Mid-price hotels

  • Dante's House, with a spectacular terrace.
  • Old House Music, apartments in the center.

High price hotels

  • Hotel Casa Virreyes. Right in front of the Basilica.
  • Hotel Boutique 1850, a real luxury.

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