The lavender fields of Brihuega (Show in Guadalajara)

One of the most beautiful experiences you can do every July in Guadalajara is to visit the lavender fields of Brihuega. With the arrival of the harvest the soft hills of the region are dyed purple, when the town dresses up and begins its famous summer festival. When we see the flowering, in July, how, we tell you.

The lavender fields of Brihuega

The sunset is dyed purple

It is wonderful to watch the sunset in the lavender fields of Brihuega. The sunset is undoubtedly the best time to visit them, since before the sun and the high temperatures of summer do not see the best gala of these beautiful plantations.

Shopping festival tickets

Knowing in advance that the sunset is the best time We arrived at the lavender fields to be able to photograph them. Being July 30th are something we have to take for granted, but what surprised us most were thethousands of bees They were pollinating these shocking purple fields.

Lavender Fields of Brihuega
Lavender Fields of Brihuega

As if it were music, walking among lavender is listening to the buzz constant of the bees. At first it gave us a little respect to walk through these fields, but if you respect the bees and do not bother them, they do not have to bite you. But beware, every year more than one takes a peck for what they told us, so be careful if you get to disturb the bees.

We walk between the two main fields, one located in the GU-925 direction Solanillos del Extremo and another in the CM-2005 address Siguenza. We call the attention that they charge simply for walking through the countryside, € 2 to see two main fields, but if it is to take care of them and make them respect they are welcome.

Lavender Fields of Brihuega
Lavender Fields of Brihuega

Many people come to Brihuega at lavender festival, a festival where tickets sell out quickly but if you don't get tickets, don't worry, visiting the fields without a festival is definitely worth it.

Field locations

There are two important locations next to Brihuega. The closest is the one located on the Sigüenza road, about 3km from the town. The other, where the festival is celebrated, is located about 9km from the center of Brihuega.

  • GU-925 Malacuera address or Solanillos del Extremo
  • CM-2005 Sigüenza Address

Lavender Field Locations

Lavender festival

Every year Brihuega brings a famous musician to his festival, but this is not the most important, the best is where it is celebrated, in the middle of the lavender field. Besides, everyone who visits the festival has to be dressed in white, something that gives a very special touch to the day of the concert.

Lavender Fields of Brihuega

Tips to visit the lavender fields

As we mentioned there are two locations. The one on the GU-925 road is where the festival takes place, a succession of beautiful hills full of lavender. The other location, on the road from Brihuega to Sigüenza, lavender fields are in flat land, yes, the sunsets are magnificent.

Remember that you can visit the fields even without having to go to the festival. The second week of July is undoubtedly the best

Practical data

When to go?

He Lavender Festival is July 19 and 20 at 9pm, but the fields can already be visited since early July. Of course, its peak begins the second week of this month, which is when they are more purple.

How to get tickets for the concert?

You can buy tickets through Ticketea. In 2019 Ketama and Luz Casal will perform.

Shopping tickets for Ketama

 Shopping tickets for Luz Casal

Where to sleep?

  • Hotel Spa Niwa. From € 100 this spectacular hotel with Spa and pool
  • Hospedería Princesa Elima. From € 50, this accommodation in the center of Brihuega
  • Rural Hotel El Salero. A few kilometers from Brihuega this beautiful rural accommodation for € 66 a night