The visual wonder of the Alpe Adria Trail

Slovenia, Austria and Italy they have agreed to promote one of the longest mountain routes in Europe, the Alpe Adria Trail. This is only 3 years old and gradually begins to have a considerable impact within the world of European trekking / hiking. Do not you want to know more details of this fantastic route?

The visual wonder of the Alpe Adria Trail

What is the Alpe Adria Trail

The Alpe Adria Trail is a route composed of 37 stages between Austria, Slovenia and Italy. With a total tour of 690 kilometers which takes us from the heart of the Alps to the waters of the Adriatic Sea. The route has been designed to be covered in the most comfortable way possible, finishing each stage in towns where we can choose the type of accommodation, from the cheap campsites and lodges, to the most luxurious hotels.

Route to Triglav - Slovenia

Our trip was focused on Slovenia and we did not have excessive time, so we finally selected 3 consecutive stages within Slovenian territory.

Links to each of the Stages we do in Slovenia

  • Stage 24 between Trenta and Bovec
  • Stage 25 between Bovec and Kosec
  • Stage 26 between Kosec and Tolmin

What physical condition should we have?

He Alpe Adria Trail It is a trek that requires a normal state, being demanding on some routes. Nor do we have to be bulls, much less, but we have to be aware that the stages are long, the kilometers and unevenness too, and that although at a distance we can compare it with the Santiago's road, the Alpe Adria Trail is harder. Being a person who walks the mountain or does sports from time to time is enough.

Many sections are not suitable for very young children (up to 8 years old), so I recommend you inform yourself well before doing them.

Stage 24 - Trenta - Bovec

The first stage is warming since it runs almost all of it parallel to the Soça river and consequently downhill. They are approximately 26 kilometers that we can take a relaxing and occasionally take a bath in the transparent waters of Soça. As a highlight are the gorges that form the river halfway.

Trekking on the Alpe Adria Trail - Garganta del Río Soca

Stage 25 - Bovec - Kosec

The star stage without a doubt but unfortunately the toughest with its 35 kilometers travel. Go directly through the best waterfalls in Slovenia, an unprecedented visual wonder.

Trekking in Slovenia - The Alpe Adria Trail - Kozjak Waterfall

Stage 26 - Kosec - Tolmin

Stage completely different from the rest since it runs through High Mountain sites. With a total of 26 kilometers, we will walk through dreamlike forests and charming villages. To highlight the waterfall that we will find when passing the town of Kuhinja, with the name of Mrzli.

Trekking in Alpe Adria Trail

Practical data

When to go?

The best time for trekking in Slovenia and the Alpe Adria Trail It is during the months of April to November, just when the snow stops covering the green Slovenian fields. If you really want to go when there is less rainfall, this arises between the months of September and October.

How to get to Slovenia?

After looking at several ways to arrive by plane, definitely the cheapest option is to travel by Venice (Italy), Trieste or even Treviso. There are several companies low cost They travel there at very competitive prices. Then to get to Slovenia, it would be enough to take the road in the direction Sad and from there to Ljubjana. We have about an hour and a half of travel to the border.

If we don't have a rental car, there are shuttles which take us from the airport to anywhere in Slovenia. We used Go Opti, and it went really well, super punctual.

Where to stay?

The best of the Alpe Adria Trail is to stay directly in small towns, so we can choose a comfortable hotel to replenish energy for the next stage. We stay at the following establishments:

  • Tourist Farm Kranjc in Kosec. It is a full-fledged rural house. This old renovated barn is now a great accommodation with beautiful valley views. The food served by the owner is to take off her hat and request immediate adoption.
  • Mangart Hotel in Bovec. Modern and impeccable rooms. Outdoor pool 😀.
  • Pension Rutar in Tolmin. Very central.
  • Hostel Pod Voglom at Bohinj Lake. Just a few meters from the lake and with many possibilities (rafting, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, ...)

Generally the prices of hotels and hostels are not very high, finding offers from € 20 / € 25.

What to wear

Typical in the mountains, without forgetting a good sunscreen, comfortable boots, water layer and cover for our backpack, Windbreaker, glasses with grape protection and a swimsuit in case we take a bath somewhere. During the stages we will go through some campsites so we could stock up on some food, but this would perhaps take some of the route's grace away.

Tips if we carry a lot of luggage

If your trip to Slovenia is not only the Alpe Adria Trail, you will not have to carry on your back with all the luggage you carry. You can talk to the hotel where you are staying in the last stage and leave some of your luggage there, being able to pick it up when you finish all the stages.

More information?

Do not hesitate to check the website of the Slovenian Tourist Office or the application Slovenia Top 50.

Travel insurance

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