Travel to Oman for free (Budget, tips and curiosities)


When we decided to do Oman for free we didn't expect to find such a complete destination And so sure. We knew in advance that Oman was not a cheap destination and we knew that it was not very visited. Being located next to Yemen and Saudi Arabia has made it the oasis of the area, so at the moment it receives few tourists every year.

Today we will not count what can you see in Oman, as we will tell in another article, but if recommendations, advice and the budget we might need to visit this spectacular country.

Oman for free

When to go?

Oman's climate is typical of the Arabian peninsula, where summer is very, very hot and winters are mild. During the summer months (March / April to September / October) the temperature touches the unbearable. From May to July the thermometer can often reach 40 ° C, with the exception of Salalah, where temperatures are somewhat lower. From June to September with the annual khareef the temperature drops a little and it is a good time to travel to Oman, so perhaps it is the time with the greatest number of visitors.

A camel in a car in Oman

The months of winter (October / November to February / March), which was when we visited Oman, temperatures are much more pleasant with an average of 26 ° C. This season is dry for the Wadis, who have less water, but in favor it has There are very few visitors. The nights at this time of the year can be cold especially for the area of Jebel shams, where it can touch the 0 ° C, but it is appreciated.

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Travel to Oman without a doubt It is a very safe country and we doubt that traveling to Oman for free is the best. Omanis as a rule are super educated and help you in the least. As an example we had problems in Masirah, with the sand on the beach and the 4 × 4, and several of them helped us get the car out just after seeing us.

In addition, with the girls they are very respectful, but as on all sides, there are some who have a good time looking at the European. But that does not usually happen. In bathing areas, if there are Hindus, they tend to be a little onlookers, but instead with omanis they usually act like Europeans.


The omanis have nothing to do with the North African Arabs. Maybe it's because of tourism or because it is a country with oil, and therefore they have money, but it is very difficult to feel insecure and less harassed as a tourist. You go unnoticed normally, although at the slightest they don't mind taking a selfie with you or greeting you.

In the markets you are one more. In Morocco in the markets they persecute you and are usually very heavy, however in Oman it is totally different. You walk quietly and are never heavy. Curious, right ?.

Visa for Oman

The visa to Oman can be done online or directly at the airport. Both Spain and many countries in South America the rates to access Oman are the following:

  • Tourist visa for one month, € 60
  • Tourist visa for 10 days, € 15

Health and vaccines

To travel to Oman we need to get vaccinated, but we do recommend that you take travel insurance, such as the one in Iati.

Cashiers and card payments

It is a delight to check that there are ATMs everywhere, especially at gas stations, and that most restaurants, gas stations and shops accept credit cards. We advise you to take out cash if, especially in the establishments of Oman UAE Exchange, but you can pay with a better card.

Types of plugs, mobile and Internet

The plugs are of the English type, but in many hotels there are European adapters. There is 3G mobile coverage in much of the country and Wifi in most hotels, with more than enough speed. For about 3 OMR you can have a prepaid card with 3GB.

Budget to travel to Oman

General expenses

Oman is not a low cost destination, but things can be done to reduce travel costs. The currency there, the Omani rial, is equivalent to almost € 3, so you can do one way with the prices that come next:

  • Airplane € 500 i / v with stopover in Dubai or Doha
  • Visa € 60 more than 10 days or € 15 if you are less than 10
  • Rent a 4 × 4 10 days about € 800. A normal car about € 350-400
  • Gasoline, very cheap. A 50 liter tank you fill with € 20
  • Average daily expenditure per person. € 30
    • Hotels They leave between € 30 and € 50 night. We camp 50% of the nights. It is worth living that adventure in the mountains, the beach or the desert
    • Food or dinner an average of € 6-10, unless you pull from the supermarket
  • Shopping in the Supermarket
    • A meal at McDonalds South or Muscat 3 OMR
    • In a supermarket, chocolate OMR 0.9, fruit 1 OMR, Coca Cola 0,150 OMR, milk 0,100 OMR
  • There are large hypermarkets in big cities like Muscate, Sur or Nizwa, for example Carrefour. On its website you can see prices to guide you.

Example of Oman tickets

If you go to Musandam

If you go to Musandam by car from Dubai, it is not worth going by plane from Muscate, these would be the costs:

  • Rental car With Retouch (Budget):
    • € 30 per day (A Hyundai i10 or similar we catch)
    • 25 extra AED per day as a tax when leaving the car from Emirates to Oman
    • 17 OMR safe one week car in Oman
  • 10 OMR Visa for 2 people (when leaving Oman to the Emirates the visa is canceled)
  • AED 30 road tax is Emirates
  • hotel in Musandam, the Diwan Almir, for € 80 a night
  • Cruise by the Oman fjords 30 OMR per person

Move by rental car

What kind of car to rent?

90% of omanis have a 4 × 4 brand Toyota or a Lexus or American brand car like GMC, Ford or Chevrolet. In general they all have good cars, although many are second-hand from the Emirates or from Saudi Arabia.

Desert in Oman
Wadi Tani

Not all are 4 × 4 and the reality that more and more normal cars are sold by having very good roads. These are mostly asphalted and safe sections of Wadi Bani Awf, part of Jebel shams or in the desert, like Washiba Sands With a standard car it is enough. Of course, if you want to make 4 × 4 routes to the least visited places you will need a Toyota Land Cruiser or similar.

How to orient yourself?

Many companies with rent offer GPS, but if you want to save some money download the, where you can download the map of Oman with the main points of interest. Besides, the map that comes is very useful since there are hotels, restaurants, etc ...

Oman for free
Balcony trail

Rental companies

In Oman there are local rental companies and almost all international ones. The former do not differ much from the usual, so I recommend that you bet on the classics. Besides, make sure they give unlimited mileage, since the locals do not usually offer it. You can compare prices with Rentalcars, since it usually offers the best discounts.

We leave the budgets they gave us for a Toyota Land Cruiser for 9 days.

  • Nomadic Desert Camp. 420 OMR with limited mileage
  • Speedyoman 400 OMR with limited mileage
  • Arabiacars 320 OMR with limited kilometer
  • Oman budget. 295 OMR with unlimited mileage. Our choice!.

* The new Land Cruiser have a fridge, something that is appreciated when it is very hot.

As we said before we recommend that you compare prices, but in the end we opt for Rentalcars since we get a discount of up to 15% discount Special for us and the readers of Travel for free, so we recommend that you access the following direct discount.

Curiosities of Oman

We wanted to collect some things that seem important to us in order to get to know Oman more closely, since it is still a country very unknown to the Spanish and Latin audiences. Let's see what you think.

  • Except in the capital, there are no European restaurants. The majority are local, Hindu or Turkish.
  • It is curious, but in many restaurants customers do not get out of the car (because of the heat), they whistle so they can take the letter to the car and take the food home
  • On all highways and on many inland roads there are radars. Be careful with them, there are too many
  • As a general rule they are very polite, but at the same time dirty. They throw a lot of plastic and take little care of their surroundings
  • There are McDonadls in big cities like Muscat, Nizwa or South. In case you end up fed up with local food ...
  • There are 3 Carrefours in Muscat and hypermarkets scattered throughout the country
  • If you are a girl you may feel uncomfortable with the bikini, but only with the Hindu people, who are usually very voyeur, but little else ...
  • In the hotels they always give bottled water and there is always an arrow where it indicates where Mecca is
  • There are ATMs everywhere, especially next to gas stations. Card payment is widespread, but not in all gas stations or stores (especially in small towns) they admit
  • There are few hotels and should be booked in high season outside the big cities like Muscate or Nizwa
  • It's hard to find light drinks, if you're an addict
  • Friday and Saturday almost everything is closed, except for large restaurants or shopping centers
  • All the posters are in Arabic and in English, so you won't be overwhelmed with the writing of the country
  • Do not be overwhelmed as in Morocco. They are not heavy or in the bazaars. They are not intrusive. You can stop in a town and people pass by or ask if you need help. Children don't ask for anything or go hungry.
  • There are many people from India, Bangladesh or Pakistan working on the construction sector
  • Many ancient villages have been abandoned due to lack of transportation because they are in almost inaccessible areas. The government has given them plots to move to closer and less withdrawn areas
  • All the towns have their soccer field. Are Real Madrid and Barcelona fans, but above all the merengue club

Dimaniyat Islands Nature Reserve
Oman for free

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