Honduras. Mayan Ruins of Copan


Copan It is a small town located in Hondurasnear the border of Guatemala. It is another town in this small and wild country, full of wonderful natural landscapes and good diving areas. As such, it is not worth a visit if we go with little time, but if we tell you that it houses one of the Maya cities better preserved, it becomes a mandatory point to visit, even if our trip was destined only Guatemala.


Honduras. Mayan Ruins of Copan

Reach Copan it's not complicated. We only have to take into account two factors, the meteorological, because it is in a mountainous area which is shaken by landslides in the rainy season, and transportation. This last one is very easy to obtain, since in all the tourist points of Guatemala, there are shuttles They take us to this place. The rest of Honduras is another story, eye ...

After arriving in Copán Pueblo (Copán Ruinas), the shuttle dropped us off at the bus stop, right at the entrance to it. Here you will be harassed by Knock Knock premises, which you should not pay attention to. The hotels are a 5 minute walk and there is a great offer to choose from.

The next morning, we headed to Copan Ruins, located a few kilometers outside. Here the Knock Knock If it may be necessary. Upon arrival, we took the tickets in the visitor center and we watched the large amount of Macaws What was on the trees. I fear that they were not very local, and that they would have brought them by force ...


Once inside the complex, we headed down a path to the Stelae Square, a great “soccer field because of how green it was. The first thing that caught my attention was the absence of tourists.

This square is composed of a series of Stelae very well preserved located throughout this area. It is worth spending a little time on each of them, since you will not find anything else in the Mayan World.

Stelae Square

But be careful, we are in a tropical zone, and we must always look where we step. Very close to one of the stelae, we find this snake debuting a small frog. We were watching her until her feast ended, at which point she went from being a quiet animal to being very offensive. Better leave her alone for what might happen ...

Snake in Copan

We move towards the area of Ball game, immortalized so many times in documentaries and movies. Today, the rules of the game are unknown, we only have small details, but the best known are the hoops located on the sides of the field. It is assumed that if the ball passed by, the game ended. To take into account, that these hoops were placed after the creation of this game, which assumes that its rules varied over the years.

Ball game

Advancing a little, just below a large awning, we are in the Hieroglyphic Staircase. This staircase was part of the old palace of Yax Pasaj Chan, the last known king of Copan.

Hieroglyphic Staircase

Crossing the steps we reach two seats. The so-called Plaza Oriental and the Western. From above there are very beautiful views of all Copán, as well as its nearby forests.

Under both places, there is a series of tunnels that will lead us to contemplate several steles.


Finally we reach the area of Cemetery, quite bleak as expected :-D. In it live a group of monkeys, who have made this area their home.

The cemetery was one of the last areas to be restored, specifically in 1980.


To end our visit to Copan, it is best to visit its museum, located at the entrance of the complex. It is a relief to do it, because after 3 hours of visiting, entering a place with Air Conditioning is appreciated.

The museum contains pieces found during the excavations carried out in the 20th century. A reconstruction of the Rosalia Temple, with the colors that were supposed to have been 1500 years ago.

Rosalia Temple (Reconstruction)

Practical data of Copán

When to go to Copan?

Copán is open throughout the year, but it is possible to have difficulties arriving or leaving during the rainy season, from June to October.

How to get to Copán?

We arrive from Guatemala, specifically from Ancient. There are numerous agencies that offer van services. These are leaving tourists in the main areas of the country and as an exception they offer Copan, already in Honduran territory. Naturally, we will have to stop at the border of both countries and pay a series of fees.

What to wear

Heat and much heat is what you will find, and in the rainy season what has been said…. A poncho, water and even umbrellas, will be your best allies.

Where to sleep?

There are numerous sleeping options, most of them quite cheap such as:

  • The green apple.
  • Iguana Azul Hostel.
  • Plaza Copán Hotel.