Ireland. Kylemore Abbey

On a typically rainy Irish day we decided to visit the Kylemore Abbey, at the gates of the National Park of Connemara. It is one of the most visited places in the country as well as being located in a natural area of ​​great beauty. Numerous lakes and mountains dominate the place, giving way to narrow roads and picturesque villages.

Kylemore Abbey

Ireland. Kylemore Abbey

Kylemore Abbey It is a complex divided into several sections among which are the Abbey itself, the Gardens, the Gothic Church and a Mausoleum. There is a small network of trails that run through all these points and part of them can be traveled by a tourist train.

Castle or Abbey? They really are both, but initially it was erected as a castle. Mitchell henry he ordered to be built in 1867, in love with the landscapes of Connemara and great lover of hunting and fishing. In 1903 it was sold to the Dukes of Manchester, who lived in the castle for a very short time. It was not then until 1920, when Benedictine monks They acquired the castle and turned it into Abbey / College for girls. The reason for the acquisition was nothing less than at the end of World War I its former abbey in Belgium It had been destroyed.

Kylemore Abbey

To get to the place it is best to use a rented car since in just an hour and a quarter you can reach from Galway. We must bear in mind that for a good part of the road the roads are not especially good and the weather may not accompany. We also have to keep in mind that since it is a journey on which we will cross dozens of Lagos we may stop to take many photographs.

We should get up early to visit it, as many tourist agency buses unload large numbers of travelers.

The visit begins bordering the lake on its left side until we reach a crossroads where we can ride a tourist train that would take us to some gardens where certain foods were planted from which the abbey was supplied. If we ignore this part, we will quickly reach the abbey, which is really a castle.

Gothic Church in Kylemore

Continuing the path we will reach some beautiful gardens that will take us to a small church of marked construction gothic. This Church was built in honor of Margaret Henry, who contracted dysentery during a holiday in Egypt, dying at 16 days with only 45 years of age. Her husband, Mitchell, ordered its construction.

Today it is used for celebrations and music recitals.


To end our visit, a few hundred meters from the Church, there is a small Mausoleum, where the remains of Margaret Henry and of Mitchell henry, her husband.

Practical data of Kylemore Abbey

When to go to Kylemore Abbey?

The best dates to visit the area range from late May to early September. However, this is Ireland and in a single day at any time of the year, you can live the 4 seasons at once.

How to get to Kylemore Abbey?

To get to the place it is best to use a rented car since in just an hour and a quarter you can reach from Galway.

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