New Zealand. Land of Hobbits - Hobbiton


Hobbiton. It was the year 2001 and a somewhat forgotten book becomes a trilogy that will fascinate millions of fans around the world, The Lord of the rings. But of course, every movie starts somewhere and in this case it is the Land of Hobbits (The Region) - Hobbiton, whose location is in the north of New Zealand, place of construction of one of the most visited film sets in the world.

Hobbiton - Place where Gandalf's wagon passed
Hobbiton town

Land of Hobbits - What to see in Hobbiton

Peter Jackson, the director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the recent The Hobbit, I was looking for scenarios where I could build a huge set that set the town where I lived Bilbo Baggins. Since the budget was not a problem, he hired a plane and got to it from the air. It was not until 1998 when he found the perfect place, as he had described J.R.R. Tolkien.

A small lake surrounded by hills of an overwhelming green and captained by a large tree, not forgetting the animal par excellence of New Zealand, the sheep. Hobbiton will be built here.

Little lambs near Hobbiton

At that time, the land belonged to a farmer named Alexander, who received a succulent offer from Peter, did not hesitate to lend their lands to the Babylonian project. The construction works of the sets began inMarch 1999, in which he was even involvedarmy. This built a 2km road to connect it to the main road. It was a very important detail when choosing the place, since being certainly isolated, there were no electricity poles that clouded the atmosphere of the film. Finally 30 hobby houses, a canteen and several bridges were built to reproduce The region or Hobbiton.


Today the place can be visited at the modest price of$ 75 NZ, about 50 euros. It is certainly expensive for something so artificial, but in the end it has its charm, especially if you have seen the movies, since you will recognize every step of the way.

The ticket is purchased in a small pub at the foot of a county road. It consists of a ridiculous souvenir shop and a large parking lot. From here, a bus of the 50s will take us to the filming area.


As you can see the details are taken care of to the fullest. Clothes over the fences, multicolored flowers, postboxes, fountains, all kinds of outdoor furniture, ..., etc. But do not be confused, it is only a facade, since you cannot enter inside the houses as they are empty.

Perhaps the house I liked least was the best known, where the character of Bilbo Baggins. Being on top has the best views, but the structure of the house is not as good as others.


The scarecrow They were very well done. They reminded me of a horror movie where he got off the pole and became a serial killer, a movie ... :-D.

Hobbiton - The Garden

Another detail, a fountain that never reached the water. But it looks good!


The worst thing I had during the visit, is that you cannot enter any house. It is not because there is much to see, because there really is nothing. Behind those round doors is a wall, there is no house to enter, it is only outside.


The whole visit is guided from the beginning to the end (English). They tell us the story of how the film was filmed and of course where each of the actors who starred in it have been making mischief. I recommend you go to the end of the queue if you want to take good pictures.

Hobbiton - The Great Tree

As a final climax, the only place we can enter is the canteen (Green dragon). It was a detail that invited us to some beers (blonde or black), handmade. The place is quite cozy and you want to spend an entire afternoon by the fire.

Hobbiton Bar & Market - Green Dragon

Well this is Hobbiton, if you have time on your trip to New Zealand, visit it. If you are fair, you can pass it by unless you are authentic freaks from the book.

Hobbiton - Green Dragon

Practical data - Tips in Hobbiton

Before leaving for New Zealand

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When to go to Hobbiton?

Being located on the north island, not far from the sea, the weather is usually mild so we can visit it at any time of the year. In our case it was raining intermittently and there is nowhere to shelter.

How to get to Hobbiton?

You will need a good map or GPS since the signs are not found until 15km before Hobbiton. Anyway there are buses that take you from Kill Kill andRoturoa They leave every 30min / 1h.

How much?

The prices for Hobbiton of 2016 are 80$ per person. We know it is expensive, but it is the land of hobbits. Yes, book early, days and tickets are sold out.

 Book tickets to Hobbiton

Prices updated to 2016-2017

Where to sleep?

There is not much to choose from, but if you really want to spend a night the recommended place is the Farm stay, in Matamata.

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