Visit the Giza pyramids in Egypt (Tips and recommendations)

Visit the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt It is the dream of any traveler since he has reason. An iconic, unique place with colossal characteristics. The only thing left of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Also visiting them for free is easier than it seems although most tourists do it in organized circuits.

Visit the pyramids of Egypt

Visit the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Tips and recommendations

I am lucky to have visited the pyramids of Giza on several occasions and in completely different stages. The first time was in the Boom of the beginning of the year 2000 where the tourist packages were at demolition prices. Then came what we all know and came the so-called Arab spring. Punctual revolts in some countries, changes in government and many other causes led to the loss of tourist appeal, which significantly reduced the number of visitors.

Visit the pyramids of Egypt

Years later I returned and the truth is that I didn't see big changes, except for some neighborhoods in Cairo. The rest remains more or less the same, as busy for tourists as always. Of course, there is no overcrowding in most cases and if we look for the schedules where organized circuits do not come together then we will have hit the spot.

Visit the pyramids of Egypt

Our visit to the Giza pyramids in Egypt

The last time we visited them, in 2019, we visited the pyramids on 2 different occasions. The reason was simple. The first day we arrived with a small margin of time and at noon, gross error due to the suffocating heat. The second day we were already clear at what time we wanted to go and what was really worth it.

Map of the Pyramids of Giza

In the map above we will see several icons selected the main points of interest. Above is the main access, although access to the Sphinx is done elsewhere. All places can be reached on foot, but certainly the Mirador del Panorama, the one on the left, is far away. I would honestly skip them and in time I would walk from Cheops to Micerinos, passing the pyramids of the queens and heading to the last viewpoint, then return to Micerinos and walk down towards the Sphinx.

Visit the pyramids of Giza

To get to the complex we have it easy. Ideally, take a Uber at demolition prices. We do not haggle and we stop problems with Taxi. Of course, cars are what they are ... and you have to pay in cash.

Pyramid of Cheops

Once we arrive at the entrance, again with cash, we will pay the entrance after passing a small queue. The cost in 2019 to enter the complex is 160LE. If we want to enter a pyramid you will have to tighten your pockets. 360LE access to the great pyramid (Cheops), 100LE for Kefrén and the same for Micerinos. From my point of view… . not worth it. Inside it is like a cave and there is no kind of inscriptions.

Interior of a pyramid

In any case if we should go into any normal would be to go to the largest, Cheops. This is located a few meters from the entrance and just in front of the first parking lot. If a parking ... Because although it seems a lie and in the photos you usually do not see it, the pyramids are surrounded by a completely paved road which makes disappear that aura of mysticism.

Pyramid of Cheops

In any case, the first pyramid we find is that of Cheops. Its size is colossal, 138 meters high, although originally it was over 140 meters high. Cheops has lost virtually all of its coverage, unlike its neighbor Kephren which still holds part at its highest point.

Pyramid of Chephren

Chephren, despite not being the great pyramid, has the same dimensions as Cheops and from my point of view it is much prettier. We can walk to it while we skirt Cheops and enjoy the gigantic blocks of stone with which it was built.

Pyramid of Chephren

Kephren It is 136 meters high, 2 less than Cheops. Its upper part is still covered with its original granite coating. Something that in its moments of maximum splendor made it shine with the sun's rays.

Pyramid of Chephren

From there we can walk, although there is a good run…. to the main viewpoint of the Pyramids of Giza, the so called "Panorama". The normal thing is to go by car, although if we ask what the transport is worth you will see that the prices are inflated. For example cars pulled by starving horses cost 250LE, although in the late afternoon you can take it out for less than half.

Viewpoint of the Pyramids of Giza

The viewpoint is no wonder, it is more, barely see the three mini pyramids or pyramids of the queens. To get there you have to walk through the desert, although they will try to force you to go in dromedary... However you can get there without problems walking, as we did.

Viewpoint of the Pyramids of Giza

We left Panorama walking to the second viewpoint. This is not signposted and must be reached by walking through the desert. There is not much distance, about 10 minutes and the truth is worth it, especially late in the afternoon, 1h before closing.

On the way to the best view

The views are fabulous, but if you look closely you still can't see the great pyramid of Cheops. Which we will see minutes later although in our case the time was on us. We were already closing time and two policemen Dromedary approached to indicate the nearest exit. Of course, without hurry.

Visit the pyramids of Egypt

We descend from the viewpoint and go to the Pyramids of the Queens. It is at this time when we see Cheops and we began to cross the last dromedaries that were in the esplanade of Giza.

All the pyramids

There was no one left in the area, the whole place was for us alone. A delight The bad thing that we could not stay any longer because the night was upon us. That made us go straight to the Sphinx, where we could leave the complex and take a transport back to the hotel.

Pyramid of Chephren

We finally reach the Sphinx. 15 minutes later the night appeared and we returned to the hotel. We visited the sphinx the day before, which we will discuss next.

The sphinx at dusk

Visit to the Great Sphinx of Giza

To get to the Sphinx we have to go along an asphalted track that leaves the parking lot of the pyramid of Kefrén or as we did, walking through the desert from the pyramids of the queens. We also have the option to do it directly from Giza since it communicates directly with the city.

Visit the pyramids of Egypt

It is best to visit them tomorrow, with the sun behind us because we will always have the sun backlit. Still we can always manage and hide behind a wall.

The great sphinx

Its state of conservation impresses upon knowing that it is more than 4500 years old…. Amazing! All the history she will have lived and some other legend, like the one that said that Napoleon was shot with her.

The great sphinx

Practical data

How to get to the pyramids of Giza?

Giza is a city completely absorbed by Cairo. Therefore we will not notice the change when moving from one city to another. To arrive it is best to take an Uber since the prices are fixed and are very good. For example from the center of Cairo to Giza it can cost us about 80 / 90LE. With a taxi we will have to haggle and we may not arrive at such a price.

How much does it cost to enter the pyramids of Giza?

In 2019, entering the complex costs about160LE. Entering the pyramids goes separately and each one has an additional ticket. Access to the great pyramid of Cheops, the most visited, costs360LE. 100LE It costs Kefrén and the same for Micerinos.

Visit the Pyramids of Giza

It must be paid in cash. The nearest ATM is 300 meters away at the hotelMarriot Mena House.

When to go to the pyramids of Giza?

It is best to go to the opening time since it is the only way to see the sun behind the pyramids from the Panorama. However I prefer to go late in the afternoon, about 3:00 p.m., since they close at 5:00 p.m. At that time it is when there are less people, the light is frankly good and the last minute prices are better. Transportation prices I mean.

Is a guide necessary?

No, but it is always advised to know the history of the Pyramids. They will always tell you things that don't appear in the books and that are really interesting.

Hire a tour for the visit to the Pyramids

If we need a reliable guide and in our language, it is best to hire a tour. The transfer is included.

Pyramids of Giza, Memphis and Saqqara

What to take to the pyramids of Giza

Water is the most precious element. Within the complex its cost is expensive, but if we buy it at the ticket office, its price is adequate. To this we must wear sunscreen and a cap if possible. Recommended sunglasses and if you enter the pyramids a flashlight may come in handy.

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