Hiking in Romania, Trekking to Rosu Peak


Hiking in the Rosu Peak. On one of our trips to Romania To go hiking, we decided to look for a mountain range little frequented tourist and that belonged to the Carpathian mountain range . The truth that this was not our initial idea, since originally our goal was to address the Fagara Mountains, where it houses the highest peak in Romania, the Moldoveanu. Due to bad weather, we decided to change the route and go to Rosu Peak.

Rausorul Lake

Romania, Trekking to Rosu Peak

This Peak is not especially touristy, unlike the mountains Bucegi, commented in another article, but the accesses are quite good (accessible dirt tracks) and there is some cabin at the entrance of the mountain itself. To get closer to this part of Romania, we must address the people ofCampulung and take a detour towardsLeresti / Pojorata. Following the path and past a village of gypsy ethnicity, already well into the mountains, we will reach a beautiful lake, the Rausor Lake.

At the end of this, there are two cabins, as they are called in Romania Shelters / Mountain Hostels. We decided to stay in the last one, a cabin called Voina.

Nearby hostel

As you can see, it was empty, only our car and that of the owner. But yes, the rooms had been recently remodeled and was in perfect condition. It is likely that in the months of July and August, it is partially busy, but what it is in June, the business is not very good ...

Route to the Rosu peak

The next day our route began to climb to Rosu Peak Our goal was to climb it on the same day and sleep in a small shelter on the shore of a lake. We started from 900m and we would have to climb to almost 2500m, so it was expected to last even harder with the weight of our backpacks. The first kilometers run through pine forests, in a continuous rise / fall and with many streams to which we must go one after the other.

Leafy Forests

After a few hours we arrived at the shelter (at least 3 hours), where we would leave part of the weight. It is obvious that the shelter was empty, but we did not expect bunk beds (with a lot of dirt ...). Well, what are we going to ask with the cold? Reaching him is not easy, there are many paths that cross and walk in a forest so closed makes one get lost easily. Make use of GPS…

Monte Rosu - 5 star refuge

We leave the material that was left over and continue the ascension. At this point the snow appeared and a lake hidden behind the shelter. There, curiously, I found a machete that seemed to gut bears because of the large size it was.

Snow in June

We took the crest and it was only to continue until our map told us enough, since it is difficult to know which is the Rosu peak, since the neighboring peaks have a very similar altitude.

Monte Rosu

We finally arrived at the Rosu Peak, we took the regulatory photo and ran down as the night was coming. As expected, no one on the road, no trace ... we were alone.

Cima Rosu

The next day the weather improved, and we returned the way back to the cabin Voina in a circular way. We came to a very green part, but although it seems very beautiful, you can not imagine the nightmare that was to cross that place. Thousands of flies They wanted to devour us.

After the nightmare, we reached a logging farm, so there was a road to civilization and with it a simple return to our car.

Getting off Mount Rosu

Practical data

When to go?

From June to October. The winter season is very hard and the accesses are usually closed. In July and August the hostels are usually full, book in advance ...

How to get?

The best option is the car. Go to Campulung and from there to Lake Rausor by Liresti. You will leave the car in the parking lot of the hostel.

What to wear

Winter clothes and winter equipment if you go in June. The rest of the months, it will be hot at the beginning but the end is almost always cold. Take the food bought in big cities, since in the area it is difficult to get a supermarket. The last one is in Campulung.

Where to sleep?

In addition to the hostel that is at the end of the road, there are many hotels around Campulung and one that is not bad is the Pension Valea Mare, already in full civilization.

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